2019 PRIDE Gala: Providing a Sea of Opportunity

Financial Support to Ensure Access for All

Please make your investment today in one of the 350 students who are counting on you for their Bellarmine education;

Bellarmine has always sought ways to work with families to make education affordable and accessible. In its earliest days, parents gave groceries, services and their time to the Jesuit Fathers to reduce the cost of annual tuition. Later, students trimmed their tuition costs by working after school or during the summer to attend Bellarmine. Today with our system of income reporting and nearly $2.2 million in tuition assistance that supports 350 students, the need for support for access to Bellarmine is our number one priority for charitable giving.

 More than 40% of our students are receiving tuition assistance

“I cannot personally thank you for your generosity, but I hope these words will be able to express my utmost gratitude. Our community whether it be students or staff are always good at being there for each other … in time of need. My Sophomore year…my mother passed away and if it wasn’t for the community here at Bellarmine I wouldn’t have continued to grow as an athlete and a person.Thank you once again for your continuous donations, they are truly a blessing…” 

- Josiah Nikolao B'20


Our annual Gala evening is this Saturday. All funds raised for Fund-a-Need will be directed to our student Tuition Assistance financial support program. We hope you will consider making a gift today. Please be as generous as your circumstances allow. With your help, we will be able to continue to meet the commitments made to our families and students; to provide access to a Jesuit education regardless of a family’s financial situation.

You can view video from the night of the Gala, where we raised $300,000 for tuition assistance at Bellarmine! Thank you to everyone who supported our students at the Gala. We are forever grateful.