2021 Virtual Gala: Together, we are Bellarmine

Fund-a-Need: Financial Support to Ensure Access for All

Bellarmine has always sought ways to work with families to make education affordable and accessible. In its earliest days, parents gave groceries, services, and their time to the Jesuit Fathers to reduce the cost of annual tuition. Later, students trimmed their tuition costs by working after school or during the summer to attend Bellarmine. Today with our system of income reporting and nearly $2.2 million in tuition assistance that supports 355 students, the need for support for access to Bellarmine is our number one priority for charitable giving. This school year more than 40% of Bellarmine students and their families faced not only the uncertainty of learning at home or on campus, but also carried the financial tension as to whether they could afford a Bellarmine education.

One student and family who benefited greatly from your support is Adrian Rosales B’21. In the Fund a Need video for this year’s gala, hear his story as he describes what it means to attend Bellarmine. As Adrian graduates and goes on to Gonzaga University in the fall, he will follow in the long line of alums whose attendance was made possible through the generosity of others. Distinguished alums like Colonel Greg Allen B’84, who describes how Bellarmine prepared him for his distinguished career.

Our virtual Gala will be held Saturday, May 22, 2021. All funds raised for Fund-a-Need will be directed to our student Tuition Assistance financial support program. What was true 37 years ago for Greg Allen is true today for Adrian and more than 350 other Lions are attending Bellarmine because of your support – and 500 of their fellow Lion classmates would miss them dearly if they were not here! We hope you will consider making a gift, please be as generous as your circumstances allow. With your help, we will be able to continue to meet the commitments made to our families and students; to provide access to a Jesuit education regardless of a family’s financial situation. Please join with other generous donors in making this year’s Fund a Need for Tuition Assistance the most successful ever. 

“One person can make a difference, no matter who they are, and you are that person for me. Thank you for all that you have done. Your tuition funding will help not only me but my entire family. We don’t have much, but my Mom tries her best to see that we, her kids, get what we need. I hope I may one day be as kind and generous as one can be, like you have done for me. Service and generosity truly make a difference.”Jessica K., Class of 2024