Bellarmine Parent Partnership

The Bellarmine Parent Partnership is your commitment to join with others in the community to ensure the best possible experience for your child during their time at Bellarmine. This year, contributed funds comprise nearly 10% of our operating budget directed primarily to sustaining Tuition Assistance Grants, which now benefits 364 students or 42% of Bellarmine families.

Your commitment to the Parent Partnership is fulfilled by participating in the following five ways:

Thank you for your consideration to join with others in the Parent Partnership. While the level of support may vary with time and resources, our goal is for all families to participate. 

For any Development questions contact Amy de Guia 253-761-3520,

Volunteer Event Opportunities
Attending or volunteering at events is a great way to support the school while connecting with the Bellarmine community. For more information on attending or volunteering at Bellarmine events, contact: Lynn Miller, Director of Events, 253-761-354,