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Activities Board

Bellarmine's Activities Board assumes many of the activities that have been traditionally associated with ASB. This group is responsible for planning dances, assemblies, spirit weeks, etc. Their main function is to improve the student climate at Bellarmine via a myriad of student spirit-related activities, operating specifically to improve the spirit of the school. This group is open to anyone who is interested in working hard to improve school spirit under the direction of each of the following committees: Assemblies, Dances, Ohana/Campus Events, Food Drive, and Intramurals.

Activities Board Moderator: Cari Harrison 

Moderator: Mrs. Fernandez
Chairs: Peter Connelly, Sharky Smalling, Gracie Ohlson
Moderators: Mrs. Achziger and Mrs. Zelazny
Chairs: Inga Larson, Caitlyn Lo, Jazie Dizon
Moderators: Mrs. Achziger and Mrs. Zelazny
Chairs: Brett Kelley, Torie Smith, Amelie Steinbacher
Moderator: Mrs. Schmitt
Chairs: Kelli Allen, Tess Gandhi
Chairs: Jackson Ma, Madison Blevins-Harrison