Algebra & Pre-Algebra Competency Exams

All incoming ninth grade students enrolled in Algebra or Algebra E are required to take the Bellarmine Pre-Algebra Competency Exam (PACE) to determine math placement.

All incoming ninth grade students enrolled in Geometry, Geometry Honors, or Advanced Algebra Honors are required to take the Bellarmine Algebra Competency Exam (ACE) to verify placement. Students registered for Algebra E are also welcome to take the ACE. Seventh graders who are completing a year of Algebra will still be required to take the ACE at the end of their 8th grade year.

Scores of 74% or higher on the ACE indicate that the algebra skills required for success in higher math courses have been mastered and placement is appropriate. Scores below 74% indicate that further exposure to the fundamentals of algebra would be beneficial to the students and Algebra E would be a more appropriate placement in ninth grade.

The ACE and PACE are both free response non-calculator exams. The ACE is comprised of 20% pre-algebra skills (10 questions) and 80% algebra skills (20 questions).

Past ACE and PACE exams are provided on links below. The Math Department strongly encourages students to familiarize themselves with both the format and the content of the exams. 

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Algebra & Pre-Algebra Competency Exams

The exams were held in May - but a retake opportunity is available on Monday, August 15, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

Past ACE Exams

ACE Practice Exam (new)
Spring 2013 ACE Exam
Spring 2012 ACE Exam - Free Response
Spring 2012 ACE Exam - Multiple Choice

Past PACE Exams

PACE Practice Exams
Spring 2012 PACE Exam - Part 1
Spring 2012 PACE Exam - Part 2