Math Placement Exams

Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra/Geometry Exams

All incoming students are required to take a Bellarmine math placement exam. There are a few options depending on which course the student is scheduled to take when they arrive at Bellarmine in the fall.

Students planning on taking Algebra 1 or Algebra E should take the Pre-Algebra Competency Exam (PACE). If currently enrolled in an Algebra class and they would prefer to attempt the Algebra Competency Exam (ACE), in hopes of getting into Geometry, they can opt to take this exam instead.

Students scheduled to enter a Geometry course in the fall should take the Algebra Competency Exam (ACE) to confirm their placement.

Students currently enrolled in a Geometry course will need to take a Geometry Competency Exam as well. This test (Algebra/Geometry Competency) will be given at the same time and the testing time for these students will be a little longer. It is our experience that some middle school level geometry courses are not comparable to the required content of our college prep Geometry, and these students may not be adequately prepared for success on the SAT, ACT, or within our higher level math courses.
Scores of 74% or higher on the ACE indicate that the algebra skills required for success in higher math courses have been mastered and placement is appropriate. Scores below 74% indicate that further exposure to the fundamentals of algebra would be beneficial to the students and Algebra E would be a more appropriate placement in ninth grade.  For placement in honors courses, we are looking for scores at or above 90%.

The exams are scheduled for Friday, May 18th and Monday, May 21st.  Students should come prepared with a pencil and check-in in at the Bellarmine Administration Building (A-Building) by 3:00 p.m. There is no need to arrive before 3:00pm as current students will be exiting campus between 2:30-3:00 p.m.

Please Note: There is no need to pre-register. The test will take about an hour and a half.

All exams are free response non-calculator exams. Past ACE and PACE exams are provided on links below. The Math Department strongly encourages students to familiarize themselves with both the format and the content of the exams.

Questions?  Please contact Mr. Tony Rehberger

Algebra & Pre-Algebra Competency Exams

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Past PACE Exams

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Geometry Placement Exams

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