ASB 2016-17

Bellarmine’s Associated Study Body (ASB) officers serve as the school’s student government. As leaders elected by their peers, ASB officers are expected to both contribute to a positive school atmosphere and to practice values of Ignatian leadership. See links to the left for information about this year’s ASB officers, activities and committees.

ASB Theme: "Be a lion. Be you."

The focus of the ASB theme this year was unity and passion. We discussed a theme that would connect with each individual student while also promoting a sense of community with each other. Our theme ended up with two complimentary phrases.

Be a lion.
Every student at Bellarmine is a lion or more accurately, called to be a lion. The lion we are speaking of is the character of Bellarmine and Jesuit education. The lion embodies the Grad at Grad, the five principles every student learns and practices while at Bellarmine. The lion is a person with and for others, and we hope that by reminding the school of our common call, students feel a sense of unity in helping each other achieve it.

Be you.
Though the lion, the identity of Bellarmine, contains a core set of values, it has no specific, concrete image. It is not the logo set out in letters or emails, the mascot at football games, or a high achieving student. The face of the lion is that of each student. There is no lion template for all the students to copy because they are the fullest and best expression of it when they are themselves. Though we share a common call, we possess unique talents and insights that lead us to answer the call differently. We should celebrate the individuality of each student, because our diversity makes us a better community. By learning from each other and ourselves, we can most completely reflect the principles of a Jesuit education and develop strong unity as a school.

Our theme is intentionally broad and simple. We didn't want our message of unity to be too confining so as to make people feel as though we're forcing them to fit a specific description. At the same time, we hope to promote the idea that our community comes from living out a few core principles. We are diverse in our unique gifts, but united by the same call. We are all lions, and we are all capable of expressing that differently.