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Athletic Code

Participation in the Bellarmine Preparatory School athletic program is completely voluntary. Involvement does, however, require a commitment on the athletes' part with respect to academic standing, citizenship, physical conditioning and obligations to the goals and philosophies of the school and the athletic department. Therefore, the following code of conduct has been adopted for those students who accept the role of athletes:

I. Eligibility

To meet all of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and Bellarmine Preparatory School requirements, all student athletes must:

  • Be under twenty (20) years of age.
  • Be in attendance as a full-time student the previous semester.
  • At semester grading periods athletes must pass a minimum of six (6) classes and obtain a 1.8 G.P.A. An athlete who is declared ineligible at semester may regain his/her eligibility at the next five week grading period. At interim grading periods, an athlete must be passing six (6) classes to maintain his/her eligibility.

  • Be in attendance a minimum of three (3) class periods in order to participate in practice or an athletic contest that same day. Exceptions to this rule (field trips, college presentations, family emergencies, doctor appointments, etc.) must be approved by the Athletic Director.

  • Have a valid physical examination. Physicals are valid for two years from the date of the physical.

II. Sportsmanship and Citizenship

Bellarmine student athletes are expected to demonstrate exemplary conduct on the field/court, in the classroom, and at school-related functions. Both players and parents will promote and practice the ideals of good sportsmanship and show respect to the opposing team, their administration and fans, and the game officials at all times. Serious disciplinary infractions in any area of school life could result in suspension or dismissal from an athletic team by the coach and the Athletic Director.

III. Alcohol and Drug Use

Athletics, more than any extra-curricular, demand a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, throughout the school year and summer months, including any time prior to trying out for a particular sport, Bellarmine student athletes will be in violation of the Athletic Code if they use or possess tobacco products, alcohol, or dangerous or controlled substances, or any substance purported to be such, except drugs prescribed by a physician or other person authorized to prescribe drugs for the personal use of the student. Athletes are also in violation of the Athletic Code any time during the school year or summer months if they remain present where illegal drugs and/or alcohol are being used. Failure to leave any such function in a reasonable and prudent amount of time constitutes a violation of the Athletic Code.

  • First Offense: Suspension from the team for one-fourth of the season's scheduled contests and immediate referral for a drug and alcohol assessment. Failure to abide by the recommendations of the assessment will delay reinstatement to the team.
  • Second Offense: Suspension from all athletic participation for one (1) calendar year and subsequent referral for a second drug and alcohol assessment.
  • Third Offense: The student athlete will be prohibited from participating in athletics for the remainder of his/her years at Bellarmine.

IV. Athletic Equipment

Equipment issued to athletes belongs to Bellarmine Preparatory School. Loss of issued equipment is the student's financial obligation. Until this obligation is fulfilled, the student will not be allowed further competition or receive grades and/or transcripts.