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Athletic Philosophy

It is the mission of Bellarmine Preparatory School to teach values based on the teachings of Jesus. To this end, Bellarmine provides programs of excellence that develop and harmonize the intellectual, the spiritual, the emotional, and the physical characteristics of individual students.

The ultimate goal of this integration is to give our students the means to translate Christian values into action. Since Bellarmine first opened its doors in 1928, athletics have played a vital role in the formational process which enables this translation to take place.

The Bellarmine athletic philosophy is centered on the educational foundations outlined in the JSEA document "The Graduate at Graduation." Through participation in athletics, the Bellarmine athlete matures and learns to take responsibility for his/her growth as a person by developing loyalty, pride, integrity and commitment. As athletes seek the challenges of competition, even at the risk of failure, they learn that success demands the development and integration of physical skill and intellectual preparedness. One of the most visible characteristics of the "Grad-at-Grad" that athletics promotes is the need to move beyond self-interest.

Team-centered activities enable our athletes to share their God-given talents for the betterment of others -- rather than their own glory. Also, as athletes take their individual skills and apply them toward achieving team goals, a strong understanding of the importance of leadership naturally evolves.

The commitment to justice outlined in the "Grad-at-Grad" comes to light in our athletic program through the ideals of good sportsmanship. The concepts of fair play and sportsmanship require forethought, maturity, respect, generosity and integrity. By actively promoting these values, Bellarmine athletes learn to take them beyond the athletic field and into their everyday lives.

Success in athletics at Bellarmine is ultimately determined by how well our athletic community, which includes parents, coaches, athletes and fans, adheres to these standards and utilizes them in the process of forming men and women for others. In seeking to produce graduates who will be leaders in action, modeled on Christ, we are ultimately asking our coaches and athletes to do more than simply win games. Although winning is certainly a by-product of holding our athletes to these higher standards, it is not our primary goal.