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August Technology 2020

broken ipad

When your iPad Breaks

In a short amount of time, your iPad will become an indispensable part of your school day. It will hold your planner, calendar, email communications, homework, digital books and more. And then - it happens! Despite your best efforts, your iPad breaks. Is there anything that can be done?

Loaner Program

To prevent you from falling behind in your schoolwork, Bellarmine has developed an iPad loaner program. You can stop by the Technology Support Center to check out a temporary iPad replacement. Then, contact Apple Computer to get a permanent replacement. Bring your new iPad to the Technology Support Center. Digital service staff will setup your new iPad for school and restore your backups.


If you purchased your iPad through Bellarmine, then you also purchased 4 years of AppleCare+ coverage. This plan covers damage, not theft or loss. Bring your broken iPad to any Apple store, Apple will find your serial number in their database to confirm your coverage. Then, they will either repair or replace your device. You will be charged a $49 deductible. Be sure to call ahead to the Apple store to make an appointment.

If you purchased your iPad elsewhere, you can still check with an Apple store to see if you have coverage. You can also check online at the Apple website. Without coverage, replacing your iPad can be quite expensive. If you would like to buy additional coverage for your iPad, you can. Check out these web sites for additional information.

No Insurance

If you find out you do not have coverage, and your iPad is badly damaged, your most economical option would be to buy a used iPad. Check and to see what kind of prices and models are available. If your iPad is working, and it just has a cracked screen, there are a number of places you can go to get a screen replaced. Just Google "iPad glass repair" and the name of your city.

Web Services From Bellarmine


A number of web services are available, beyond this web site to enhance the Bellarmine learning experience. These services include the following.

  • MOODLE - Bellarmine uses MOODLE as its course management system. Sign in for additional resources, online assignments and to stay in touch with your teachers and classmates.
  • Google Drive - Every student account at Bellarmine also works as a Google account. Students can use their Bellarmine email and password to send gmail and store files online. Students can work on presentations, spreadsheets and word processing documents on or off campus using a web browser. They can also collaborate in groups to share files and complete work.
  • Office 365 - Each student has a Microsoft Office 365 account with 1 terabyte of online storage. Students can run Microsoft's word processor, spreadsheet and slide presentation software from their computer browser or their mobile apps. Like Google and MOODLE, Office 365 works both on and off campus using any type of Internet capable device.
  • FamilyLink - Using a student email address and password, families can check course schedules, grades, attendance, demerits and academic histories. FamilyLink is open from September through July. It closes in August for maintenance because the information for the new year is not accurate until the beginning of the new school year.
  • Library Research Databases - Our library subscribes to a number of high quality databases that can be used to research information suitable for writing research papers and creating credible, factual presentations. Many are available both at home and at school. The links are inside MOODLE.
  • TurnItIn - Is a web service that students can use to check their papers for plagarism. Documents are scanned, and phrases that should be cited with references are identified.
  • Naviance Family Connection - Is a sophisticated college counseling service that allows students to build a profile and to find colleges that are a best fit with their interests and aptitudes. This powerful system also streamlines the college application process.

New Student Technology Orientation

iPad5This year our new students have been completing their iPad orientation in MOODLE. This orientation is an important part of getting off to a good start in your first year at Bellarmine.

The last day to complete work on your iPad orientation is Friday, August 14.