Building Features

Connelly Campus Center Highlights:

  • A state-of-the-art 19,470 square foot campus center

  • Will complete the remodel of the west edge of our campus connecting Snyder Hall, the Booster Gym, and the West Stair into an integrated, aesthetic and functional whole

  • Will accommodate the shift to decentralized educational delivery and collaborative learning, while creating a safe, supportive and empowering environment for students

  • Expanded kitchen with double the square footage and all amenities on the same floor

  • Modern lunchroom with cafeteria that supports more than 500 for lunch service or banquet seating for 300

  • Designated meeting space available for student clubs and organizations that includes an activity workroom

  • Dedicated space for student government with faculty mentors for student leadership

  • Conference space for gatherings of 35+ for visitors and school meetings

  • A safe and secure area for students before and after school

  • Consolidated students services with more space for counseling and other student support services

  • Diversity / Inclusion offices and resource room services relocated to the heart of the campus

  •  "Grab & Go" food options extended throughout the day

  • New, upgraded space for the Lion’s Den

  • Fully ADA compliant building and restroom access

  • Redesigned and enhanced parking lot

  • A physical environment to match our educational programs and vision for the future