Connelly Campus Center

Community of Donors

Lead Gift Donors
($100,000 or more)
Anonymous (2)
Troy and Connie Alstead

Fred and Paula Bevegni
Thomas J. Bichsel+
Jim and Donna Boulanger

Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Jack and Angela Connelly
John and Melinda Dionas
The Frost and Margaret Snyder Foundation
Darrell and Anne Jesse
Victor and Stephanie Leverett   
Gavin and Margie O'Brien
Frank and Elaine Pupo
Steve and Ronna Schreiner

Jon and Maria Sessler
Dan and Arlene Sessler
Bruce and Linda Titus
Mike and Mary Jo Tucci
Mike and Mimi Tucci
Tim and Barbara Tucci
John and Hollie Xitco
Luke and Alisa Xitco

Major Gift Donors ($5,000 - $99,999)
Anonymous (2)
Anonymous - In Memory of Fr. Carmine Sacco, S.J.
Sam and Jeanne Adams
Nick and Carolyn Modarelli-Adams
Abram and Joline Andrzejewski
Bill and Michelle Baerg
Dan and Cheryl Balmelli
Bellarmine Class of 1957
Kevin Berg
Peter Blitz
Joe and Kerry Bordeaux
Mary Ann Boulanger
Karen Breese and Family
Treava Burgess and Family
Kurt and Michaela Carlson

Dr. Greg & Sharon Chow
David and Stephanie Cisakowski
Joe and Teresa Clabots
Aaron and Holly Clubb
Peter and Pam Comfort
Cindy Davis
Charlie and Wendy Dent
Julia DiRe
Ruth Donohue
Bill and Kally Dowling
Bob and Melanie Dressel
Rick and Betsy Ellingson
Forma Construction
Mike & Teresa Ferreira
Chad and Jeri Fullerton
Steve and Gail Gant
Doug and Jill Gardner
Chris and Doreen Gavin
Randy and Sherree Gause
Andie Gernon
John Gernon and Rebecca Brienza
Mark and Kristine Grace

William & Virginia Greco
Arnie and Caylene Gustin
Dean Hanks
Vern and Kathleen Harkins
Joe and Lindsey Harkins
Ralph and Cari Harrison
Mark and Young-ah Hassig
Don and Carolyn Hearon
James Helbling

Chris & Anne Highsmith
Dan and Luann Hilger
Jim and Chong Hilger
Jeff and Kristin Hogan
Carl and Betty Hogan
Al and Rose Hove
The Huck Family
Michael & Lisa Huber
Lance and Karrie Hungerford
Erik and Mary Beth Hynes
Phil and Anne-Marie Jesse
Jesuit Community of Bellarmine
Kevin Kalal
Brian and Brianne Kampbell
The Kokich Family
Jason Kors
Peter and Christine Krumins
Randy and Lisa Kurosky
Edward LaCross and Family
LILT (Juel Lugo and Bethany Maines)

LMN Architects
Jeff and Susan Lyon
Dave and Pat Maddock
Ed and Sally Maher
Mark and Emily Manning

Pat & Judy Manza
Manza and Lindstrom Families
Brian and Aycee McGuire
Jeff and Ellen McVicker and John and Karen Strub
Medina Foundation
Kevin and Brynn Meines
Brady and Megan Miller
Matt and Diane Modarelli
Rob and Ann Modarelli
Al and Inge Morris
Jace and Sally Munson
Michael and Jackie Murphy
Sean and Jane O'Brien
Rick and Maggie Oldenburg
Patriot Fire Protection, Inc.
Tim and Patti Pavolka
Ron and Carla Pemberton
Matt and Maryann Philichi
Ted and Lisa Philichi
Jennifer Phillips

Jarud & Leslie Pierson
Steve and Joan Rapkoch
Claude Remy and Claire Spain-Remy
The Robinson Company
Michael and Christine Reimer
Ron and JoAnn Roberts
Aaron and Mary Rogers
The Rolfness Family
Bruce and Mikel Ross
Charlie and Joyce Rousseau
Jay and Carla Rudd
Frank and Sandy Ruffo
John Ruffo
The Seher Family
James and Kathryn Seley
Paul and Kimberly Schulz

Betty Gallagher Shea
Jim Smith
Jake and Karyn Sterino

Jay & JoAnne Tees
Mike and Tina Thomas
Mark and Jenevie Torres
Mike and Lynne Turner
Greg and Amy Unruh

Bruce & Kara Valentine
Kevin and Patricia Viklund
Bryan and Pamela Weeks
John and Chris West
Barron and Ann Willis
Woodworth Family Foundation
Victoria Woodarski
Charles Woods and Catherine Leone-Woods
Jeff and Nancy Woodworth
Mark Wuotila
Jake and Kathy Zimmerman

Chair Campaign ($1,000 or more)
Bill and Nancy Adams
Bruce & Diane Allen
Steve & Patricia Anstett
William and Marilyn Bailey
Robert and Helen Batie
Dave Black
Peter Blitz
Joe and Kerry Bordeaux
Mary and Kevin Byrne

Tim & Elinore Chan
George and Mary Cheek
Bruce and Suzanna Clarke
Robert and Corinne Collie

John Comfort
Bruce and Carol Cooper
Thomas and Rachanee Curry

Joseph & Mary Franco
Darren and Amy de Guia
Dave and Jody Degroot
Dennis and Yvonne DePaul
Bryce and Gretchen Dille
Steve and Anne Enquist
Ken and Pat Fengler
Mary Jean Finnegan
Jim and Cindy Fish
Fr. Matthew Fish
Chuck and Mary Graves
Barbara Henderson
Christopher and Jodi Herchold
Ben Niedermeyer and Joanne Hidaka
Nick & Maria Hilger
Bruce and Arlene Hogan
Ian Home and Katey Ward

George & Marjorie Jackson
Tom Joyce
Don and Kelly King
Stephen and Colleen Klein
Corky and Sydna Koontz
Robert & Molly Lane
Tom and Mary Larsen
John and Sara Long
Jim and Simone Lynch
Zeb Madison
Rob and Brenda Maruca

Fr. Fred Mayovsky, S.J.
Edward and Lois McCleary Charitable Trust
John and Jane McDonough
John and Guelda Messina

Ben & Megan Michels
Philip and Sita Mitchell
Mark and Wendi Modarelli

Dr. Robert & Anne Modarelli
Dr. Jaime Manuel & Mary Jane Pugeda
PAE Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Tom Pagano - Johnson, Stone & Pagano, P.S.
Charles (Cap) Pearson
Jack and Mary Peterson
Peter and Mary Petrich
Ed and Denise Ploof
Steve and Rene Power
Print NW
Dr. John and Shirley Read
The Seher Family
Francis and Mary Senecal
Harry and Susan Shapiro

Dan Still & Janemarie McKenna-Still
William Stearns and Theresa Warner
Jay and Wendy Stricherz

Mark & Dana Terry
Michael and Cindy Turco
Sally Underwood

Dr. Pat & Anne Vaughan
Needham and Diane Ward
Madison Williams

Gifts of up to $999
Gregory & Heidi Allen
Charlene Baker
Jeff Barney & Kristin Torgerson

Robert & Sadie Berrens
Joseph and Pauline Betz
Diana and James Bisceglia
Tanica Blackwell-Wittig
Dennis and Andrea Burns
Ken and Mary Campbell
Mollie Cleary
Craig and Katrina Coovert
Jim and Megan Dempsey
Mike and Mary Dolan
John and Aida Galbraith
Rich & Jeannie Hamilton
James & Jeanne Hanigan
Jim Henderson
Scott & Linda Henderson
Julie & Bret Hiles

Holly Hunte
Bob Huey & Barbara Lidikay
David & Mary Hunter
Joshua & Erin Hunter
Rolando & Lyne Ignao
Danny & Marie Krueger

Damani and Tamara Leech
Kevin and Lisa Lovejoy
Di Martin
Keith and Kathleen McGoffin
Linda McGowan

Michael & Margaret McKasy
Timothy and Caroline Meines
Annette Michalson
Eric Michels
Stu and Lynn Miller
Brian Moran & Eileen McKain

Rudy & Christine Navarro
Rev. Robert Niehoff
Ron & Laura Nilsen
Tom and Jennifer O'Loughlin

John & Barbara Osborn
Robert and Terry Ann Pentimonti

John & Liane Piacitelli
Tony and Jennifer Rehberger
James and Susan Richards

Milton & Dorothy Roll
Fr. Carmine Sacco, S.J.+
Wyatt and Debra Sauvage
Edgar and Eve Schott
Craig Smith and Michelle Oldham-Smith
Judy Torgerson
John and Marcia Vaccaro
Tom and Karen Weeks
Sally Wood