Campus Center FAQ

With the opening of the new Connelly Campus Center, we know that there will be many questions regarding policies, procedures, and services in the new facility. We hope this FAQ will answer many of those questions. We also want everyone to understand that while the building will be open for the start of the school year, like any new building, there will still be some work being done to finalize the construction process. If you have any additional questions, please contact Craig Coovert, Director of Communications, at

Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. The Campus Center is open every day that school is in session, from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Q. What school offices/services will be located within the Campus Center?
A. The Campus Center houses the Student Services Office (Attendance, Dean of Students, Activities Director, Security Officer); the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; the Counseling Department; the Enrollment Office; ASB Moderators Office; the Lion’s Den; and all food services. 

Q. When will these services officially open within the Campus Center?
A. At this time it is our hope that all services will be up and running by August 30th. Until then, Linda McGowan, the school's Attendance Officer will be located in the Administration Building.

Q. When will food services be offered?
A. Food service will be provided before school, during 1st and 2nd lunches on A and B days, and after school.  Modified food service may be available on days of early dismissal.

Q. Who is providing the food service?
A. Bellarmine has partnered with X Group Restaurants and Catering for food service within the Campus Center. X Group is a locally owned business, with strong connections to Bellarmine. Your son or daughter has no doubt seen a dramatic change in the food offerings at lunch, and we wanted to point out a few key details regarding the new services.
  • Variety of price levels and offerings - The Prep Kitchen offers varying levels of made from scratch food at different portion and price points. Students have the opportunity to bundle items or choose larger ones if they want. "Kinda Hungry/Really Hungry"
  • This is still a work in process - Food service has been open for four days and the X Group has already been making adjustments to pricing and offerings. They had a limited amount of time to get prepared and are adjusting to what's selling and what isn't. The portfolio of menu items available will develop over the next month or so.
  • Availability and convenience - As the Lion's Den opens, so will the opportunity for students to eat healthy and good meals before and after school providing them safe "home away from home" options. Pre-packaged food from the lunchroom will be available for purchase within the Lion's Den during these hours.
Q. Will the food service be fully operational at the start of the school year?
A. Food service will be operational, but running at a limited capacity for the first two weeks of the school year as final touches are completed to the building.

Q. How will students pay for their food?
A. Bellarmine will continue to use MealTime as it's point-of-sale option for purchasing food at Bellarmine. For more information about MealTime, click here.

Q. Where can students eat lunch?
A. Students are allowed to eat lunch in the new Campus Center and the Quad.

Q. Are students allowed to use the conference rooms within the Campus Center?
A. The Campus Center has conference rooms for adult supervised group work and student clubs.

Q. When can the Campus Center be used by Bellarmine students?
A. The Campus Center can be used by students with assigned "free" periods, before and after school, to hold meetings, to work on homework, or to otherwise congregate; however, the Campus Center is closed during all liturgies. Students must have an adult supervisor present when using the conference rooms.

Q. What is the schools cell phone usage policy?
A. Cell phone usage is allowed in the Campus Center only; students may not use cell phones elsewhere on campus during the school day (8 a.m.-2:25 p.m.).

Q. What will parking be like now that the Campus Center construction is complete?
A. The parking lot has been remodeled with the addition of a loop around the entire lot, allowing for a better traffic flow. LED lights have been added to the parking lot to allow for better visibility during evening activities. Walkways have also been added for students to safely walk to and from their vehicles. The amount of parking available in the west lot is unchanged.

Q. Will there be ADA parking spaces?
A. There are a total of 10 ADA parking spaces; eight spaces located directly in front of the new Campus Center and two spaces located in front of the gyms.

Q. How has the student drop-off and pick-up procedure changed now that the Campus Center has opened?
A. For parents dropping students off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon, we ask that you do so at the following locations:
  • “Freshman turn-around” – located on the north side of the administration building between Snyder Hall and the Administration Building.  Access to this drop-off area is through the one-way entrance on the corner of 23rd and Adams Street. Please watch for congestion during the morning and afternoons.  Also, please do not park in the Freshman turn-around if waiting for a student, use the F Lot instead.
  • Library turn-about – located on the east side of the campus near the Administration building. Access to this drop-off area is at Jesuit Drive, to the left of 23rd Street. This becomes a one-way road and we ask that you NOT stop in front of the Administration Building as this slows the flow of traffic.
  • West Campus Entrance – The new remodeled west parking lot will now be more easily used for drop-off and pick-up. When entering the west lot, please proceed to the back lane of the lot (along the fence overlooking the bowl), and either drive to the gym drop-off/pick-up area or the Campus Center drop-off/pick-up area. We ask that you please do not park for an extended period of time in front of the gyms or Campus Center when dropping off or picking up your student.

Q. Where do volunteers and guests go to check-in when arriving at Bellarmine?
A. All volunteers and guests need to check-in at the Student Services Office located in the new Campus Center to receive a pass.

Q. Where do volunteers and guests park?
A. Volunteers and guests should park in Lot B, located behind the Campus Center in the west lot.

Q. Where is the Lions Den now located?
A. The Lions Den is located in the new Campus Center. The Lions Den will not be fully operational at the beginning of the year as final touches on the Campus Center are completed. Once fully operational, the Lions Den will have food options from the X Group for sale before and after school.

Q. What are the procedures to rent the facility for an event/function?
A. Please contact Kevin Kalal, Facilities Director, at 253-761-3547 or by email.