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Past Research Topics by Bellarmine Capstone Students


  • Exterior Mural Art – Anneke Jillette B'14 
  • Impressionist Paintings – Hannah Falk B'18

Social Science:

  • Identifying the True Meaning of Bellarmine – Dylan Zurfluh B'16 
  • What is the Equal Rights Amendment and is it relevant in the twenty-first century – Liesl Bogaard B'18


  • What is the Compositional Process and what can I take from Past Composers in order to compose my own work? – Molly Turner B'15 
  • The Development of Russian Music in the 19th and 20th Centuries – Steve Hogan B'16  
  • Theoretical Analysis of Romantic Era Piano Composition – Eric Van Winkle B'17


  • Does targeted genomic therapy based on tumor profiling yield positive outcomes for patients, and how the field of genomics can be improved so that physicians can utilize sequencing technology and genomic analysis to procure the best results for their patients – David Vanderwall B'16  
  • Prevention of Cavities in Children – Kathy Nguyen B'17

Physical Therapy:

  • What is the Effect of Whey Supplementation on Strength Gains with Resistance Training in Adolescent Males – Rex Bodia B'15 
  • Gender Disparities in Knee Injuries in Athletes - Jayana Ervin B'16
  • Does Nutrition Play a Role in Stress Fractures among Female athletes? – McKenzie Diaz B'18  

Military Science: 

  • Future of Interoperability of our Military – Jonmac Nelson B'16  

Marine Biology:

  • Sea Star Wasting Disease at Titlow Marine Preserve –Catherine Parra B'17
  • Development of a Community Education Program about Micro-plastic Research at Owens Beach, Tacoma Washington


  • The Effects of Equine Therapy on Children with Down Syndrome – Emily Betts B'17
  • The Psychological Reasons behind Hate Crimes – Mark Ponce B'18  
  • Mental Mindfulness in Athletics – Joshua Hanigan B'18 


  • Discovery of a Career – Kate Owens B'18