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Bellarmine Curriculum

The Bellarmine Curriculum is designed to prepare students for college. Students will earn a College Preparatory Diploma reflecting a minimum of 26 credits. Bellarmine curricular sequences are designed for students of varying levels of academic readiness. For the student in need of some remedial study a directed study class is offered that provides an intensive skills curriculum. Entrance to the World Language program may be delayed and the student is encouraged to take electives that would be helpful with their transition to the sophomore College Preparatory Program.

For the student capable of additional academic challenge there is an Honors sequence. Students participate at Honors level in the College Prep Program. The Bellarmine grading scale is consistent for the college preparatory program and the Honors level courses. Students capable of the additional challenge of Honors level will schedule in Advanced Placement courses. Advanced Placement courses culminate in a required College Board test in the spring. Successful results on the tests can be accepted as college credit for the student as per individual college policies.