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December 2019 Art Show: Thendara Kida Gee

Our featured artist for the month of December 2019 in the Gathering Space Art Gallery is Thendara Kida Gee. 

Installation Artists sculpt space and time. Shedding traditional display constraints, they manipulate the experience of the viewer as a form of framing. The entire room, as one moves through it, is the artwork. The Art is not a series of individual experiences but a continual walk through an environment.

Thendara Kida-Gee takes the viewer on an entropic journey from forest edge to painfully artificial “environment” in her installation at the Gathering Space Gallery. Colorful collaged strips laminated onto plywood are the starting point. Presented as an almost formal gallery arrangement these “pictures” begin to degenerate as one moves through, turning into medium pixels mounted on natural alder sticks then to smaller squares on machined dowels. At the end, backed by florescent blue and green “Astroturf”, is a range of triangular mountains and a giant gold foiled sun fronted by a profuse forest of “Lollipop” trees.
Kida-Gee created all of the physical objects and conceived the general nature and look of the installation but because of the reality of sculpting space each show has a evolves and changes. To assure this evolution Kida-Gee ceded complete control of the installation to three students and myself. Thendara designed the flow and sequence of the show but left the placement of the objects to the capable artistic sensibilities of Lara Johnson, Maicah Carroll and Liberty Evans-Agnew. The result of this collaboration is an installation that no one person could create.

About Thendara Kida Gee:
I studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins from 1999-2002, during which period previous studies of Photography and Computer Information Sciences began to meld together and reform into a multidisciplinary as well as multi-sensory approach to making art. Having always been a keen observer especially of the has beens of our society I wish to give them their spotlight , their moment to be discovered in the imperfect glory that seems perfect enough to me . To make note of the social and cultural institutions before time erases them completely. I wish to give voice to the whispers of the past, and stand up for those without a voice. The other end of the spectrum in my artistic bag is my conceptual work. This work spans from online installations , to textual interventions and beyond. To encompass as many of the senses, bringing absurdity into the mix as humor is the great unifier. I hope to offer an new vantage point and with that the possibilities of new perspectives and creating an intimacy between artist as story teller and viewer.