Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Welcome to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion home page. For additional information on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, please contact our Director – Mrs. Barbara Henderson at hendersonb@bellarmineprep.org or 253-761-3531. 

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office helps foster a commitment from the Bellarmine community to embrace and celebrate the diversity of the school's family and the broader community by providing opportunities to experience cultural differences. This is accomplished through activities such as the African American Summit, the Asian Summit, PAASA (Parents of African American Students Association), International Night, and round table discussions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director Barbara Henderson speaks in classrooms about cultural differences to raise our students' awareness and help them find a reverence for each person. The hope is that our students will grow in their understanding of the heterogeneous and multicultural world which they are called to transform.

Why a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office?

  • God made each of us in God's image and likeness.
  • Jesuit education stresses being open to growth and committed to justice.
  • Diversity helps us to examine, appreciate and be critical of our own background.
  • Diversity helps us to enlarge our world and our knowledge of it by exposing us to a variety of backgrounds and traditions.
  • Diversity helps prepare us with skills for an increasingly global and pluralistic world beyond school.
  • Diversity not only helps us recognize our differences, but our similarities that are the basis for unity.
  • Diversity helps us to adopt strategies that will help correct injustices and make the world a better place.

What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Bellarmine Preparatory School?

Diversity is more than skin deep.  The concept of diversity embraces the wide range of human characteristics used to mark or identify individual and group identities.  Although most assume that diversity refers to addressing issues from people of non-Cascasian background, ethnicity is one aspect of diversity.  Diversity is demographics such as ethnicity, race, language, religion, socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

What are the goals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Bellarmine Preparatory School?

  • Increase open discussion around diversity and equity issues
  • Create opportunities for the school community to show and develop greater appreciation for differences
  • More collaboration with affinity groups (ethnic, gender and social justice student groups)
  • In conjunction with the Grad at Grad Principles, to instill a life-long commitment to diversity in members of the Bellarmine community.

Diversity Organizations

  • Diversity Club – (Asian American Club, Black Student Union)
  • PAASA (Parents of African American Student Association)

Diversity in the Curriculum

Various courses at Bellarmine help students learn about and understand gender, other cultures, religions, and economic backgrounds.

  • World History
  • World Religions
  • Women’s Literature
  • Social Justice Through Service Learning
  • Contemporary Voices

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs and Events

  • Culture Nights
  • Freshman Roundtable
  • Pot Blessing Celebration for African American Seniors
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Assembly
  • Ethnic Summits

Equity Statement

Bellarmine has a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in accordance with the Jesuit tradition.  We promote an environment of understanding, respect and inclusion of students of all backgrounds.  Bellarmine fosters the school’s commitment to the education of the whole person “cura personalis.” 

Studies show that regardless of socio-cultural backgrounds, all students exposed to diversity benefit educationally.  They have better cognitive skills including critical thinking and problem solving.  Interaction with diverse workforce helps us to become effective and empathic leaders.

Through educational awareness and professional development Bellarmine provides students, faculty and staff the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live.

Educational Ethnic Summits

Each year there are education Ethnic Summits offered where our students either join or host other Jesuit High School’s students of color and leaders in our province (Jesuit High School in Portland, Seattle Prep, Gonzaga Prep and California Jesuit schools) for interactive workshops, hand-on projects, key note addresses, and social activities.  The purpose of the Summits is to promote dialogue, build coalitions and foster students leadership.

Young & Powerful:
Becoming Our Best Selves As Leaders
Student Diversity Leadership Conference

We are very excited to be hosting a Student Diversity Leadership Conference here at Bellarmine on February 11 – 12, 2018.  The theme is Young & Powerful:  Becoming Our Best Selves as Leaders.  It is a student-led gathering of Jesuit and Catholic student leaders from across the Jesuit West Province.  We will have Jesuit high school leaders on our Campus both days as well as many of our own student leaders from Student Senate, Link Crew, BSU and Diversity Club.  The Conference focus is on self-awareness, building leadership skills, forming allies and building community.  The Conference will also expose students to the principles, skills and strategies of Ignatian Leadership, as well as other leadership models.  The main focus will be on self-awareness: Leaders thrive by understanding who they are and what they value, …and by cultivating the habit of continuous self-reflection and learning. 

We will be in the Campus Center Sunday evening 2/11/18 and in the Theater and in other spaces on campus throughout the school day on Monday 2/12/18.  Please greet our visitors when you see them.

Our speakers include Dr. Galen Ciscell, Gender Studies Professor from PLU, Dr. Emily Andresen and Jim Dempsey.

Please join us Sunday evening as our newly elected Mayor of Tacoma, Victoria Woodards will be our Keynote Speaker at 6:00 PM in the Campus Center. 

We trust that our guests and student leaders will have a wonderful day of learning and leadership opportunity.

Professional Development focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 9/19/16

Dr. Charisse Cowan Pitre, Seattle University Professor in the Masters in Teaching Program in the Education Department. Click here to view the powerpoint.