Dress Code Guidelines

General Guidelines

Time Frame - The dress code shall apply to all students while on campus and/or representing Bellarmine at school-sponsored events.

Off campus school events –
When classes, teams or musical groups etc. travel as representative of Bellarmine, the Dean of Students and advisor shall be responsible for setting a standard of dress appropriate for the occasion.

Co-Curricular practices/rehearsals –
Appropriate dress for after-school practices/rehearsals is expected. The coaches, directors and/or moderators will monitor the dress attire.

Athletic Game Days/Program Events –
Students are encouraged to wear team jerseys or sweatshirts on game days. Programs are encouraged to wear their team t-shirt/sweatshirt. Cheerleaders are allowed to wear cheer tops with dress code appropriate pants or skirts.

Spirit Days –
Students are encouraged to dress in class colors, dress code appropriate attire.

Guidelines for Dress Attire – The administration reserve the right to make individual judgments regarding appropriateness of dress and appearance.

Tops long enough to tuck into pants, walking shorts or skirts
Advertisement should be school appropriate
No tank tops allowed
Undergarments should not be visible

Pants and Shorts
Slacks/jeans must be worn with a belt for male students
Jeans with rips/tears or distressed marks are not allowed
Athletic attire such as Yoga pants, athletic shorts, and sweats are not allowed. Female students are allowed to wear leggings with an appropriate top
Walking shorts (non-athletic) with a length slightly above the knee (1-2 inches)
Pants with elastic bands around the ankles are not permitted

Dresses and Skirts
Dresses with the same guideline as stated above with tops
Skirts and dress length should be no shorter than slightly above the knee (1-2 inches)
Fabric must not be see-through

No trench coats allowed

Shoes (must be worn at all times)
Dress shoes
Tennis shoes

Earrings (1-2) per ear; small stud allowed in nose
Non-distracting accessories can be worn
No earring in lip, brow, etc.
No gauges allowed

Must be neat, clean and non-distracting

Facial hair neatly groomed, 1 inch or shorter

No hats allowed on campus
No hoods worn in buildings

Parental Note: We feel that it is not only the school's responsibility to determine the student dress code; but, also the student's and parent's responsibility to adhere to a dress code that is conducive to a proper learning environment. Ultimately modesty should prevail, not the latest in fashion trends.

We appreciate your attention to, concern with, and responsibility for the manner in which your child dresses for learning. Dress Code Violators will be asked to change into appropriate attire prior to 8:00 am. If they are unable to do so, the student will either be sent home or they can seek permission from parents to purchase appropriate attire from the Lions Den.

--These Dress Code Guidelines are taken from the 2017-18 Student Handbook.