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Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code - General Guidelines

The administration reserves the right to make individual judgments regarding appropriateness of dress and appearance.

Students should wear clothing and practice personal grooming that respects the dignity of self, other individuals and groups. Clothing decisions should always be conducive to a positive learning environment, not distracting to others and reflective of our Jesuit values.

  • Clothing and personal grooming must be neat, clean and modest. Modesty includes, but is not limited to the following: Shirts must be appropriate for school – no tank tops, no spaghetti straps, halter tops, or tube tops. Skirts and dresses should be of sufficient length (at knee or below).

  • Clothing should fully cover undergarments and mid-section.

  • Clothing/Jeans should be in good condition - NO HOLES IN JEANS or any other clothing.

  • Clothing, including face masks and face coverings should be free of messages that promote either violence or drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco use, or ideologies that could be perceived as divisive. Clothing with messages communicating double entendres, while humorous, may be inappropriate, possibly offensive to others and should not be worn.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times -dress shoes, sandals, tennis shoes and boots are appropriate.

  • No hats allowed on campus.

  • No hoods worn in buildings.

  • Athletic shorts and sweats are not allowed Monday - Thursday.

  • Relaxed Dress Code ONLY on Fridays - sweats/athletic wear are allowed. Except on All School Mass days.

Students who violate the dress code may be sent home to change attire or have parent/guardian bring a change of clothes. Second and/or subsequent offenses may result in JUG or additional consequences.

All School Mass Dress Code or Special Events - The dress code for All School Mass is more formal than the everyday dress code to help students understand and respect the importance of these events to the Bellarmine Prep community. The dress code for all school Mass will be strictly enforced – students out of dress code will receive JUG and parents/guardians will be called and asked to bring their student appropriate clothing so he/she can attend Mass.

Boys are to dress in long pants (no jeans) and a collared shirt. Girls are to dress in a skirt/dress knee-length (or longer) or dress pants and a top with sleeves (shoulders must be covered). NO SWEATSHIRTS. If families have clarifying questions or concerns regarding the dress code policy, they should contact the Dean of Students in advance for clarification.

Parental Note: We feel that it is not only the school's responsibility to determine the student dress code; but, also the student's and parent's responsibility to adhere to a dress code that is conducive to a proper learning environment. Ultimately modesty should prevail, not the latest in fashion trends. We appreciate your attention to, concern with, and responsibility for the manner in which your child dresses. Dress Code Violators will be asked to change into appropriate attire.