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English Department Philosophy
The courses at Bellarmine are designed to provide a background of human knowledge and experience so the student, through effectiveness gained in reading, writing, speaking and listening, is capable not only of understanding and assessing personal desires, values, creativity and individual potential, but is also able as a compassionate human being to evaluate, to understand, and to become enriched by the experience of others. In all courses, there will be an emphasis on both the grammar and compositional skills required for effective writing.

English classes may be presented at two levels. Honors classes will be more comprehensive and offer a more intensive exposure to composition and literature. Placement in these classes is determined by achievement test scores and teacher recommendations. Course material in college preparatory classes is selected to challenge students while also preparing them for college.

A student interested in applying fo the honors English program should have a 3.66 or better cumulative g.p.a, English g.p.a. or 3.7 or better, and an English teacher's recommendation based on the following suggested observations: the applicant is an insightful participant in class, works well on an abstract level, is self-disciplined and a highly motivated learner, extends reading and learning outside the classroom, demonstrates mastery of academic writing (as distinguished from creative), demonstrates creative thought in writing or presentation, enhances the learning environment. 

English Department  


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