Featured Graduates

Bella Turco

When most students look at an electronic tablet they see a  portal—a portal to learning, to social networks, to an online world. But that wasn’t what Bella Turco saw. Instead she saw a question, what was the educational value of electronic tablets? This was the question that served as the foundation of her senior research project that sought to understand the differences between learning with electronic tablets versus old fashioned pen and paper. This project has resulted in numerous awards and accolades for the young researcher, including the American Psychological Association Award and first place in Behavioral and Social Science at the 2016 Washington State Science and Engineering fair.

Bella Turco views the world through the eyes of a scientist, asking questions and seeking answers. A graduate of Bellarmine’s Marine Chemistry program, Bella has shown a deep interest in psychology and neuroscience, working with psychology faculty from nearby universities and preparing to continue her studies into college. She is captivated by the human brain and the mysteries that lie within. But Bella is more than a scientist. She is driven by a love of dance as well. Having studied and performed ballet, jazz, modern, and ballroom since she was four years old, and serving as choreographer for Bellarmine’s production of My Fair Lady where she received honorable mention for Outstanding Choreography from the 2015 5th Ave Awards.

It is clear that Bella Turco has a rare gift to express herself both via academics as wells as art. She plans to continue to exercise this gift when she arrives at Boston College in the fall, where she will study psychology as well as serve on BC’s official competitive dance team

Jack Yearian

Jack Yearian’s final finish wearing a Bellarmine uniform was a memorable one. As he hit the final lap of his 3200m state final race, it was clear that no other competitor would be able to catch him. In what seemed an effortless performance, Jack Yearian crossed the finish line with a grin on his face and held up five fingers. Each finger reflecting one of Jack’s state championships, four in track, and one in cross-country.

This final race clinched Jack’s place as the most dominant distance runner in the state and one of the most dominant runners in Bellarmine history. Jack’s senior year state titles were comprised of what the running world calls the triple crown; the mile, the two mile, and the cross country championship.

When speaking with Jack about his experience at Bellarmine, however, it was not just his running career he focused on, but his education and faith. He explained that he has experienced Catholic education his whole life. In the previous nine years before Bellarmine, he was taught about his faith, yet it was at Bellarmine where he learned about himself and the relationship he has with his faith. Throughout his four years at Bellarmine, he believes the biggest change he has undergone is the development of a passion to learn and understand new things.

In the fall, Jack will be attending the University of Oregon, which is regarded as one the most prestigious running schools in the country.

Malachi Flynn

If you came to a varsity boys’ basketball game this season you likely witnessed a standout performance by senior guard Malachi Flynn. His clutch shooting ability, lock down defense, and calm, focused demeanor led the Lions through league play undefeated. This record breaking season also produced one final Narrows League championship before Bellarmine joins the SPSL South next year. Numerous newspapers headlined his name. Malachi was named the 4A narrows league MVP and captured the single season scoring record (743) from former Lion and current NBA standout Avery Bradley.

One facet of Malachi’s time at Bellarmine that is often unpublished is his high level of academic achievement. Attaining a 3.8 cumulative GPA at graduation spoke volumes to Malachi’s character, making it apparent that Malachi did not just give 100% on the court. Malachi stresses the importance of a good education. Though he has his heart set on a future in the NBA he recognizes that one day there will be a life after basketball. He attributes his preparedness for college academics to the rigorous  environment that Bellarmine has cultivated for him and his fellow students. He believes the discipline and challenges he faced at Bellarmine aided him in reaching his potential.

Malachi Flynn will be continuing his education and basketball endeavors next fall at Washington State University. He is currently an undeclared major but hopes to pursue a degree that will propel him into a field of study similar to physical therapy or athletic training. But for now keep an eye out for Flynn on the Friel court in Pullman, because although he’s graduated from Bellarmine, he’s certain to continue to turn heads in his new colors of crimson and gray.