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February 2020 Art Show: Justine Jones

Justine Jones Artist Statement

I use my work as a platform to combine psychology and art by creating realistic portraiture through a psychological lens. Within the human brain, there is a section, unlike any other area, that is dedicated solely to facial processing and recognition. Humans are naturally drawn to nuances of other faces, which explains my incessant urge to want to paint them.

My work shows a variety of painting styles to capture faces and the body, often through an interplay of distortion and realism. I aim to realistically render faces and objects but slightly abstract them to allow our brains to work to understand what it is seeing. In the past, I have painted two portraits and then cut them up and weave them together to distort the image, making us question where facial features are and how many we are seeing. Or, when focusing my subject matter on the body, I have attempted to capture the individualized nature of sleep and how this daily act can be an expression of personality. 

I hope to combine psychology and art to more fully understand their differences, but also to understand how much they play off one another and allow for a unique perspective on the world.

Instagram: @jjonesgallery