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Junior Encounter Overview:

The Encounter is a voluntary retreat for members of the junior class. It is a 1-day retreat. The Encounter offers juniors the opportunity to participate in a reflective experience in a communal setting to gain deeper insights into self-knowledge, sensitivity to others and a stronger faith in God. Each retreat is designed to provide time for students to share their insights, personal beliefs and attitudes in a Christian context. The retreat will take place at Camp Seymour on the Key Peninsula.  Encounter is free of charge.

2020-21 Dates*:


1st Men's: February 6, 2021
2nd Men's: February 21, 2021
3rd Men's: March 6, 2021
4th Men's: April 18, 2021


1st Women's: February 7, 2021
2nd Women's: February 20, 2021
3rd Women's:  March 7, 2021
4th Women's:  April 17, 2021

*Dates are subject to change due to COVID19

Questions? Contact:

Mark Modarelli - Co-Director of the Men's Encounter
Tony Rehberger - Co-Director of the Men's Encounter

Shannon Casey - Co-Director of the Women's Encounter
Lauren Doscher - Co-Director of the Women's Encounter
Anna Hunthausen - Co-Director of the Women's Encounter