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Justice Summit: Student Groups

Bellarmine provides numerous opportunities for student-led clubs and affinity groups to gather, engage in dialogue, plan events, build community, and support one another. Students are empowered to let their voices be heard to learn from one another and make our community stronger.

The following clubs and affinity groups are working directly to support the work of this year’s Justice Summit theme of Understanding Race in the 21st Century.

One Race Bellarmine (ORB)

This student led club was formed over the summer of 2020 in response to the events that happened over the summer that led to divisiveness in our broader society. This group of students are working to help create an inclusive community where we celebrate each individual and treat all members of our community with kindness and respect.

In the words of Jemila Momoh, one of the ORB leaders, “What ORB seeks to do is to educate students and faculty on how to have positive, effective conversations about race, celebrate the beautiful diversities we have here at our school, and communicate those same tough conversations and action plans that we are going to do to be on the right side of history.”

The following video was used as part of the first ORB event in which they helped plan and lead the Student Engagement opportunity on Friday, September 19th. This event focused on our first theme of Identity.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU is about honoring, cultivating, and celebrating African-American families at our school. Our purpose is to unify with other Jesuit high schools and create a space where Black students experience comfortability with other students that look like them. Our club is about educating in a fun and positive environment.

Diversity Club

Our goal is to share the diverse cultural richness of the various races and ethnic identities of our student body. We will provide opportunities to share and learn from each other, help plan special events, and participate in student-led panels as part of the 2020/21 Justice Summit on Human Dignity.

Indian Unity Club

Another newly formed club this year, this group is open to everyone who wishes to deepen themselves in the faith and cultures of India. Students will lead discussions and plan events to share their experiences.

Chinese Club

This club is designed to celebrate the culture, food, music, and art of the Chinese culture through fun activities and educational experiences.