Learning Resource Center FAQ

What services are available for all students?
The Orell Library building, which houses the library and Learning Resource Center, is the academic resource center at Bellarmine.  Services provided include tutorial, writing labs, research assistance and study skills support programs.  All students are able to access additional strategic support to further their learning and academic preparation.

What types of services are available for students with learning disabilities?
Students may be eligible for one or more of the following:
  • Accommodation plans (based on professional testing*)
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Extended time testing in a distraction free environment
  • Technology supports
  • Application assistance to secure accommodations for college entrance and AP exams if eligible
  • Directed study tutorial class
  • Academic counseling
*Documentation consists of a current psychoeducational evaluation (required for LD and ADHD within three years) or medical evaluation with written report of the evaluation that addresses specific academic needs of the student.
What is the enrollment policy for the LRC?
Students with diagnosed and documented learning differences or physical impairments that affect learning are invited to enroll in the program.  Enrollment is optional, as success in the Bellarmine program requires students’ to acknowledge the need for support and actively seek it out. Students are required to provide proper documentation of a learning disability or physical impairment.

What support does the LRC program and staff provide?
  • Creation of an Individualized Accommodation Plan based on the educational assessment or diagnosis.
  • Academic planning and coordination of academic accommodations such as extended time testing in a distraction free environment, preferential seating, class notes, study skills and executive skill development.
  • Student/teacher conferences and assistance with self-advocacy skills.
Whom do I contact at Bellarmine for more information?
 Academic Vice Principal, Barbara Lidikay and Interim Director, Jennifer O’Loughlin