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March 2019 Art Show: Lynn Di Nino

“Express Bus to Seattle”

A sculptural/photographic exhibit from Lynn Di Nino
Bellarmine Prep’s “Gathering Space Art Gallery”
March 7 through March 29
Closing reception March 28 5-7 p.m.

There is a lot to be said for the formally untrained artist. Free of historical and technical conventions, everything is potential to the self-taught. Lynn Di Nino has fashioned herself into an artist (who supports herself with her Art) through a combination of observation, curiosity and good parenting. By being, not of the proscribed academic standard, her work is free to be far from standard.

Di Nino’s show at the Gathering Space Art Gallery will feature multimedia vignettes inspired by observations made on the commuter bus from Tacoma to Seattle. Small clay people doing ordinary things in front of mundane vernacular landscapes, turn into inciteful character studies with Di Nino’s combination of found and sculpted objects. We have all been publicly transited at some point and we know what it feels like to be, or to observe, one of her subjects sitting in passage from place to place. Holding out hope that one day we may be commuted.

Thank you for taking the Di Nino express. We hope that you enjoy your passage.

March 2019 Art Show: Lynn Di Nino