March Technology 2018

iPadModels For the 2018-19 school year, Bellarmine will sell thee different iPad models. Descriptions of their features are given below. You can visit for additional details.

12.9-inch iPad Pro 10.5-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad
 Storage 64 GB 64 GB
128 GB
dual band 2.4/5 GHz (a/b/g/n/ac) dual band 2.4/5 GHz (a/b/g/n/ac) dual band 2.4/5 GHz (a/b/g/n/ac) 
 Processor  A10X 64-bit  A10X 64-bit  A9 64-bit
 Display 2732 x 2048 resolution 2224 x 1668 resolution 2048 x 1536 resolution
 Front Camera
7.0 megapixel 7.0 megapixel 1.2 megapixel
 Rear Camera
12.0 megapixel 12.0 megapixel 8.0 megapixel
 Video 4k HD recording 4k HD recording 1080p
 Audio 2 speaker 4 speaker 2 speaker
 Fingerprint Security
yes yes yes
 Battery Life
up to 10 hrs up to 10 hrs up to 10 hrs
 BluTooth version 4.2 version 4.2 version 4.2
 Insurance ($99)
3 year coverage
2 replacements
$50 deductible
3 year coverage
2 replacements
$50 deductible
3 year coverage
2 replacements
$50 deductible
 Education Price $774 $624 $404

Note: All three of these iPad models now support new Apple Pencil. Only the iPad Pro supports the Apple Smart Keyboard. Neither the keyboard or the pen accessories are included in the Bellarmine package.

If you would like a different model than one of the 3 we're providing, you will need to buy from another source. 

The total price of a Bellarmine iPad can be found by adding the price of the iPad you want plus $99 insurance plus tax. The insurance fee buys three years of AppleCare + insurance coverage. This coverage allows you to replace a damaged iPad twice at a $50 deductible. Theft is not covered.

If you decide to order an iPad through the school, you will be billed on your school tuition statements. You can pay the entire price in one payment, or you can choose a 1-year or 2-year payment plan. Payment plans are interest free. You can place your order at the March registration, or by clicking on the "Purchase An iPad" tab above. You may also call Chelsey Rosario at 253-761-3543.

You will receive an email confirmation of your intent to purchase an iPad in April. The school will place their order with Apple in May. Families can pick up their iPad(s) from the Technology Support Center in the Admin Building from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m, Monday - Friday. The IT Department will email families when the iPads are ready for pick up. This is usually the end of June.

When you come to the new student registration in March, you will be greeted by the ICT Department in Orell Hall. We will ask you if you wish to buy an iPad through Bellarmine. There is no need to pay at this time. You will eventually see charges for this iPad on your monthly tuition statement. You can make this decision later if you wish. If you buy through Bellarmine, the IT Department will configure the iPad for you. Your son or daughter will need an iPad for the first day of school in August.

Lastly, we will be taking ID photos of all students registering at Bellarmine. ID photos will be used in our systems until October. In October, we will replace the March pictures with those taken by students on the August 23 picture day.