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Math Placement Exams

Bellarmine Prep Math Placement Exam Information

We are so excited that you are a Lion! Our main goal is to place you into mathematics and science classes with the appropriate level of challenge, and that will set you up for success for your four years at Bellarmine and beyond. Strong algebraic skills are critical for progressing into higher level math and science courses.  

Who: New students to Bellarmine 

What: All 9th graders and some transfer students will take the Bellarmine Math Placement Exam, regardless of your current math class. Students currently enrolled in a Geometry or an Advanced Algebra course will also take the Geometry Exam.  

Where: The test can be taken from any computer or tablet from the comfort of your own home. The test can be accessed through the Aleks website ( Students should sign in as a new student with the appropriate class code(s) below. All students should have a pencil and scratch paper available while they take the test. The use of a calculator is not permitted on either exam. 

When: The Bellarmine Math Department must electronically approve each student as they sign into the exam, therefore students may experience a small delay from sign in time to the exam opening (we will do our very best to be constantly checking and admitting students throughout the testing window). 

Other important information:
  • It is vitally important to each student’s success, particularly in math at Bellarmine, that the work on this exam accurately reflects their knowledge and understanding as an individual without any help from outside sources, including parents, friends, teachers, calculators and internet resources. Enrolling in a course beyond current abilities will have unintended consequences as students navigate Bellarmine’s math sequence.
  • Students may have two attempts at the test. We ask that each attempt be taken fully in one sitting.  Students may take a break in between attempts. The test should take approximately one hour to complete.
  • The Aleks program will take each student through a quick tutorial at the beginning of the exam on how the program works, how to input answers and how to progress through the exam. After the Initial Knowledge Check, if the student wants to take the test again, the 2nd attempt exam can be found under “Assignments”. Students do not need to click on “Start My Path” as that is a feature of Aleks we are not using for this placement test, but unfortunately cannot be removed.
  • An initial percentage score will be given at the end of the exam. This percentage score will be one factor in determining course placement for students. We will also consider teacher recommendations and the breakdown of scores per topic to help ensure the correct placement for each student.
  • For students taking the Geometry Exam - The Aleks program will only allow students to be active on one class at a time, so students taking the Geometry Exam should complete the Math Placement Exam first, before moving on to the Geometry Exam. Students do not need to take the Math Placement Exam and the Geometry Exam in one sitting.
The Class Code for the Bellarmine Math Placement Exam is M4LUT-AEQGV

The Class Code for the Bellarmine Math Placement – Geometry Exam is N9CM9-RUGLJ

Please ensure students use their first and last names when signing in.

Any questions about the exam can be sent to and a member of the Math Department will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your time and go Lions!


Bellarmine Math Department Co-Chairs
Heidi Pettit and Tony Rehberger B'01

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