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Technology Readiness Courses

Every Bellarmine student is required to take our Technology Readiness courses. These courses are available in our Blackbaud school information system (SIS). This is the first year we have required this for all four grades. We are conducting these courses to deliver updated digital citizenship training and to prepare students for changes to our technology systems. Some of the big changes this year include the faculty using Google for email and calendars, a new school information system from Blackbaud and enhanced password security for students.

Freshmen Technology Readiness begins on August 2nd and runs until August 6th. The readiness courses for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors run from August 12 through August 16. All courses must be completed by August 23. Follow the link below to get to Blackbaud, where you will find our readiness courses.

Freshmen Technology Readiness (TECH001)

To access the course for your grade level, login to Blackbaud using your school email address. Click on next. You will be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Enter your school password. Click on the button to stay logged in. You should be taken to the course bulletin board where you can start your online learning experience.

We want to have a brief Zoomâ„¢ meeting with all of our students to make sure this is working before the start of the school year. In the meeting we will highlight the most important elements of the Technology Readiness courses and answer questions. The links to register for web meetings are below.

Freshman web meetings (choose one)

(Aug. 4 @ 9 am, Aug 4 @ 1 pm or Aug 11 @ 9 am)

Sophomore web meeting (Aug 9 @ 9 am)
Junior web meeting (Aug 9 @ 10 am)
Senior web meeting (Aug 9 @ 11 am)

Bellarmine applies restrictions to school iPads. The restrictions are designed to increase student productivity. Bellarmine seeks a rigorous and modern curriculum that emphasizes the 4-C's of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. The iPads our students use expand opportunities to teach the 4-C's.

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While we value the iPad as a powerful productivity tool, we have also found it's an equally powerful social, entertainment and consumption device. When our seniors graduate, we want them to have mastered the temptations and distractions on their iPads. We want our students to have an understanding of their moral, legal and ethical responsibilities using technology. We call this understanding and mastery of technology digital citizenship.

When our students begin their freshmen year, many do not have the skills or maturity to deal with the social, entertainment and consumption features of their iPad. Thus, Bellarmine recommends that all freshmen begin with those functions restricted. This gives parents and the school some time to develop an awareness of digital citizenship. As our students gain maturity and acquire digital citizenship training, we can gradually remove the restrictions on iPads. We believe this developmental approach is the best way to prepare our students for the future.

At any time, parents can request adjustments to the restrictions on their iPads. Because families own the devices, parents are in the driver's seat. To request a change, or the complete removal of restrictions, please contact Bellarmine's technology staff. The best person to contact first will be Chelsey Rosario (, ext 543).

It is with great pride and some sadness that we will soon be sending the class of 2021 into the world. GO LIONS!

One area of consideration sometimes missed by our graduates it an exit plan for their technology

There are several important considerations to keep in mind about technology as you graduate. These include the following:

  • Please remove JAMF Student from your iPad by June 19, 2020.
  • Any software (apps) that are licensed by the school will be revoked on June 19, 2020.
  • If you wish to continue using those apps, you will have to purchase them in the App Store.
  • Currently, we license Notability, Explain Everything and iStudiez Pro.
  • School accounts will be deleted at the end of the calendar year (Jan 01, 2022)
  • Your Google account and all related data and services will be removed.
  • Your school account will no longer work as an AppleID.
  • Any Microsoft software download from your Office 365 account will expire.
  • Your data in Microsoft OneDrive will be removed.
  • Your school account will not log you into any secondary cloud services.
If you want to save any of your work from Bellarmine, please backup. Inform your contacts that your email is changing to a personal account.

If you have any questions of concerns about how to do this, you can contact Raymond Respicio (