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Montserrat and Manresa Retreats

Retreats Overview:

After Ignatius decided to no longer live for fame and glory but try and live a life in service to Jesus he left his home for a spiritual adventure. He first goes to Montserrat, Spain, where he gives up his prized possessions and symbols of status that were weighing him down. He spent the night in prayer and after leaving, he travels to Manresa where he comes to realize God’s all-encompassing love and sees “God in all things.” These retreats invite seniors to get away from the business of their lives and have time to discern what is really important to them, and how to live a life more in line with being conduit of God’s love. Both retreats take place away from the Bellarmine campus, in a quiet setting, and are co-ed. 


  • The Montserrat and Manresa retreats leave on a Saturday at 8am and return by 1pm on Sunday. 
See below for dates. 


  • Montserrat: November 21-22, 2020
  • Manresa: TBD
Registration Coming Soon 

Questions? Contact:

Debra Sauvage - Senior Montserrat and Manresa Retreat Director