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NCAA/NAIA Eligibility


If you are interested in playing sports at the collegiate level the following information outlines the steps/responsibilities that you should take to ensure you are academically eligible through NCAA or NAIA:

1. Notify your counselor that you are interested in playing NCAA or NAIA sports in college. This should be done before the end of junior year. 

2. Register on the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center. This will allow Bellarmine to send your transcripts to NCAA or NAIA. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to have SAT/ACT scores sent to NCAA or NAIA. Transcripts are sent by the Counseling Office for all students registered on NCAA or NAIA at the end of each semester. 

3. Once you notify your counselor that you are interested in playing NCAA/NAIA sports they will give you eligibility paperwork. This paperwork can be found in the reception area of the Counseling Office and it can also be found on the NCAA/NAIA websites. It is your responsibility as the student to follow through on completing the paperwork to ensure you are meeting all eligibility requirements. Please reach out to your counselor if you have questions. They are available to assist in this process when asked to do so. 

- Information Release - This is to be signed by you and your parent and then returned to your counselor to put in your file. This paperwork allows your counselor to release your transcript to coaches if they contact Bellarmine asking for a transcript. Transcripts will not be sent to coaches until this paperwork is signed and turned in. This form can be found in the Counseling Office.

- NCAA Division I/Division II Worksheet - This worksheet is provided to assist you in evaluating your progress in meeting NCAA initial academic eligibility standards.This form is to be completed by the student or family. Ideally, this is done by the end of junior year, giving enough time to change your senior year course requests if necessary. A copy of the worksheets can be found at: Division I and II Worksheet

To find a list of Bellarmine's list of NCAA approved core courses please visit this webpage

- NCAA Division III Academic Eligibility: Division III schools set their own admission standards 
- NAIA Academic Eligibility does not have a worksheet to be completed, however eligibility information can be found here. A quick reference checklist can be found here

Please note, it is the responsibility of the student to communicate completely with the colleges where they are pursuing athletics to ensure they are academically eligible. The Counseling Department is available to assist and answer questions upon request.