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Emergency Communication


Bellarmine's emergency notification system, SchoolMessenger, is used to inform employees and parents when we have an urgent message that needs to go out quickly. The system is setup to call and email parents and employees these urgent notifications. The system is also programmed to send routine, reoccurring communication. For example, each day SchoolMessenger is used to call parents when students have unexcused absences.

Text Message Option

In addition to making phone calls and sending email, the SchoolMessenger system system can send you priority text messages. This only applies to families who have given Bellarmine a mobile phone number as a primary means of contact. 

Text messaging is optional. Families are not required to have a text messaging service. You will still receive urgent messages by phone and email.

The SchoolMessenger system will invite employees and families with mobile phones to opt-in to our text messaging service. If you reply to this text message invitation, you will receive text message alerts in addition to phone calls or emails when the school has urgent communication to send.


It is easy to opt-in to the SchoolMessenger system. Using your mobile phone, type the word YES to 67587


It is also easy to opt-out. Text the word STOP to 67587

In January of 2022, Bellarmine will delete the accounts used by the class of 2021. This includes Google Drive and Google email accounts created by the school. The overall timeline is as follows.

  1. December 2021: Class of 2021 accounts are disabled, not deleted. This gives 2021 Alumni one month to let the IT Department know about any hardships.
  2. January 2022: With the exception of hardships, all accounts for the class of 2022 are deleted.

If you wish to contact the IT Department regarding account management for the class of 2021, please email Byron Chow (