October Technology 2017

Is Your iPad Backed Up?


After a month of school, you have a lot of important data on your iPad. Is that data protected?

The ICT staff at Bellarmine has restored many iPads over the years. Most of these restores have gone well, but there are times when they don't. The ICT staff recommends a backup procedure that will help protect against the worst failures the staff has seen.

NOTE: These directions are written for those using iOS 11. Earlier versions of iOS may require different directions. See a Technology Support Professional in the Technology Support Center  if you have any questions about backing up an out of date iPad.


  • Open Notability, press the gear on the bottom left hand corner.
  • Select Auto-backup in this settings menu, then select back up to Google Drive.
  • Login to you Google account if required
  • Open up Google Drive and verify that the documents in Notability App are copied to Google Drive.

Keynote, Numbers & Pages

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down on the left hand side to Keynote.
  • Open the Keynote settings and make sure that iCloud is turned on.
  • Repeat these steps for Numbers and Pages.

Verfiy Your iCloud Data Is Saved

  • Open a web browser on a Computer.
  • Go to www.icloud.com. Sign into your account.
  • Click on the Keynote icon and check to see if your documents are all present.
  • Repeat this for Number and Pages.

Pictures & Videos

  • Check your iCloud settings to see if pictures are backed up there.
  • Check your Photos & Cameras settings. Turn on iCloud Photo Library.
  • Consider organizing important media into Albums.
  • Consider copying important media to cloud storage or a computer.
  • Consider removing photos and videos you do not need.
  • Add the Google Photos app for an additional backup. Be sure to open the app and follow the directions. This app makes your media more accessible when working in Google and MOODLE.

iStudiez Pro

  • Open iStudeiz Pro.
  • Select the gear on the bottom left hand corner.
  • Select the Data Managing option.
  • Select Send Data Backup.
  • Type in your email address and send yourself a backup.


  • Go to the Notes App.
  • Open the note you want to keep.
  • Send yourself a copy to Google Drive.

Final Backup to iCloud

  • Go to Settings. Tap on your iCloud account at the top of the page.
  • Tap on “iCloud”
  • Turn on iCloud backup.
  • Open and press “Back up now”.

Which iOS version are you using?

Upgrading to iOS 11 is relatively straightforward. However, you may run into challenges if your iPad does not have enough free space available. Usually deleting unnecessary photos, videos, music and apps can free up enough space. If this in not the case, you can get support in the Technology Support Centert. 

Upgrade Tips

  1. Go to Settings>General>Software Update to see if there is an upgrade available.
  2. Thoroughly back up your data on a computer or in the cloud.
  3. Stop by the Technology Resource Center to see if your iPad is ready for an upgrade.
  4. If you are concerned, ask a tech support person to see if you can try to restore your iPad backup on one of our loaner iPads as a test.
  5. Choose a time to upgrade that will not impact your studies at Bellarmine.
  6. During the upgrade, keep your power adapter plugged in.
  7. Be patient, the upgrade can be time consuming.
  8. Might you get a new iPad for Christmas? These tips are also helpful when you are upgrading to a new device.

By the beginning of October, the routines of school have been established. You are also getting some information in FamilyLink about how well your son or daughter is doing in their course work. Depending on how things are going, this can be a time when parents want to exercise more control over an iPad. It may be a time when some parents want to ensure an iPad is primarily being used for schoolwork; as opposed to shopping, social life and entertainment. Read below for some ideas.

Where Do We Start?

For freshmen, the iPads purchased through Bellarmine are restricted. Students can install all the  apps approved for school use using Meraki Systems Manager. Restricted iPads have the App Store hidden, so students are prevented from adding apps for entertainment or social media. Students who buy their iPads elsewhere are not restricted, although they can be. 

Starting Freshmen with restricted iPads helps to reduce the distractions that iPads can bring into the classroom, home and other study environments. The decision to turn off restrictions belongs to parents. Parents can request that restrictions be dropped, or added, at any time by sending an email request to Bellarmine IT staff.. 

iPad Restriction Settings

In addition to the school placing restrictions on iPads, parents can manage their own set of restrictions under the general settings of an iPad. These restriction settings allow a parent to setup an access password to the iPad. Using that password, a parent can control the apps that a student can use, among other things.

Parental Option - Using Restriction Settings: If you would like assistance setting up parent restrictions, you can contact Chelsey Rosario. Have your son or daughter bring an iPad to the Technology Support Center and we can restrict it to your specifications. We are also available to answer your questions if you would like to setup the restrictions yourself at home. Care should be taken. Too many restrictions could keep an iPad from functioning properly at school. 

If you decide to use parental restrictions, it is helpful if you email the restriction code to the Chelsey Rosario (RosarioC@bellarmineprep.org)  If you share the code with us, we will better be able to support your son or daughter when he or she has technical problems. The YouTube video below will help you further explore the restriction options available to you.

Internet Filters

Bellarmine uses a filtering system that limits Internet access at school. One set of filters protects students from harmful Internet content in accordance with the Federal CIPA law (Children's Internet Protection Act). The other set of filters increase productivity by limiting access to entertainment. 

Parental Option-Internet Filters For Home: There are both free and commercial services available if you want to filter the Internet at your home. The article "4 Ways to Set Up Parental Controls On Your Home Network" can get you started. For more information Google the phrase "home Internet safety filter".