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One-to-One Program

Bellarmine is a One-to-One school:
Every student and teacher has an iPad to enhance opportunities for teaching and learning. 

Why One-to-One:
A rigorous liberal arts education in the 21st century includes competence with information technology. We want students to develop the wisdom, ethics, self discipline and skills required for using technology in productive and beneficial ways. We believe students need our guidance and support to achieve these goals. One-to-One mobile technology empowers students and teachers with devices that are light-weight, accessible, fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Additionally, this technology is easy to use at home. 

Family Ownership
At Bellarmine, families buy and own the iPads used by students.

Educational Program: 
Bellarmine's One-to-One program strengthens the education we are providing in the following ways.
  • Amplified Learning: Digital tools and materials offer new ways to teach, learn and create. 
  • Equity: Bellarmine uses mobile technology to provide equal access to the best learning tools and resources to all our students. 
  • Curriculum Modernization: New materials available online and through interactive digital text books are more current and more engaging. Our curriculum can be enhanced by including the 21 Century skills colleges and businesses desire. 
  • Community Building: The opportunities to collaborate using technology support learning anytime, anywhere with anyone.