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Philosophy and Goals of Student Activities

The philosophy of our co-curricular activities program is taken from the educational foundations outlined in the JSEA document, Profile of the Graduate of a Jesuit High School at Graduation. Through the experiences offered in our activities program, students are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth by becoming men and women for and with others. In group-centered activities and competitions, they are challenged to move beyond their own self-interests in order to share their God-given talents for the betterment of others and of their community.

Our activities program exposes students to recreational and practical experiences that allow them to develop their many gifts, apply their knowledge and skills to real life problems and gain an awareness of the realities of the broader society. In striving toward inclusivity within the student body, we encourage students to extend themselves beyond their own self-interests in order to build a more just community of students, parents, faculty and staff.


The goals of our Activities Program are to:

  • Create an active student body through fun and engaging activities

  • Promote the educational values outlined in "The Grad at Grad"

  • Make make practical use of skills students will need as adults To provide opportunities, in conjunction with our athletics and campus ministry programs, for all students to be able to participate in some activity