Project Summary

The construction of a new Campus Center is the next crucial step in Bellarmine’s transformation in a 21st century learning environment rich in opportunities for leadership and learning outside traditional classrooms. This project is the #1 capital priority for the school, designed to be the social and physical heart of our school, as well as its key gateway for connecting the broader community.

Building Features

Building features in the new Connelly Campus Center dedicated to St. Joan of Arc include a state-of-the-art 19,470 square foot central gathering space for students as well as meeting spaces for community groups and student clubs. Offices for student services and security will be consolidated here, including college counseling and expanded office space for our diversity/inclusion program. The building itself will provide an informal meeting space for students before and after school; a place for parents to feel at ease as a hub for early drop off and for late pick up of students.

Student and Community Spaces to Gather & Connect 

Students engaged in activities such as student government, club leadership and a variety of extracurricular activities will now have a dedicated space to gather and connect — a point of integration for diverse groups of students from all over campus. It will also provide a true gathering space for conducting educational events for the broader Bellarmine community.

Educating Future Leaders

By creating a space for our Bellarmine community to gather together and work collaboratively, united in a common set of beliefs and principles in the unique educational environment that Bellarmine provides, this project and facility directly support our mission of educating and forming the young men and women who will lead our future.

Fundraising Continues & Construction to Begin in October

Significant progress has been made during the quiet phase of the fundraising campaign, and the public phase will launch in September. Construction is set to begin in late October and the new Campus Center is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016.

More Information

For more information on the Campus Center Fundraising Campaign, contact Director of Philanthropy Al Hove.