Scott Lambert Speech Transcript from the 2015 President's Evening of Thanks

My name is Scott Lambert, and I am a senior here at Bellarmine. Being the youngest of four boys, I have had a lot of my life laid out for me. I always wore hand-me downs, did the same sports as my brothers, and went to the same schools. Paul, then Steve, then Ryan all have gone through four years here and often upon seeing my name, teachers ask me "how many Lamberts are there?" What this meant for me was that even before I came to Bellarmine, it was a part of me. My brothers had their own experience here, and have gone on to success in college due to the magnificence of the academics that Bellamine offers, and soon it became my experience. Being able to go through my own four years here has transformed Bellarmine from my school into my home.

I come from a Catholic family, but like most children, I was never eager to go to mass or pray the Rosary. That all changed because of Bellarmine. Going to this school has allowed me to be challenged in my faith and grow from that challenge. Before my sophomore year, I had the grace of going to the town of Medjugorje in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where, since the 1980s, Mary has been appearing to six visionaries. It was on that trip that I felt the call to go deeper into my faith, but I was unsure how to do that. When I came back to school in the fall, God showed me. He showed me that I can find Him through my classmates and my teachers.

My eagerness to share my faith was amplified by my experience on the encounter retreat this year. I served as a crew member, where I was given the chance to be alone in a chapel for several hours at a time. This time with God was moving, and He showed me how to be a more loving person. I am able to rediscover that message every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at the morning mass in the Orton Chapel. This mass has allowed me to connect more closely with several of the Jesuit priests as well as Mr. Rousseau and Mr. Rehberger who both attend every week.
I was very fortunate to have Mr. Rousseau as my math teacher my sophomore year, and I continue to talk with him outside of class. And for me, that is part of what makes Bellarmine so special. The teachers are people who I consider my friends. I maintain strong friendships with nearly all of my teachers, and often step into their classroom just to talk. They are eager to teach, but also eager to get to know their students. I go into Mr. Rehberger's room in the morning to talk about math, our weekend, and college. During my free period I often talk with some of the religion staff or sit in on Mr. Milnes's class. While I get essay help from Mr. O'Connor, we talk about our weekend and our favorite board games. With Mr. Baerg I discuss our love for the Dave Matthews Band, with Ms. Hanigan the latest movies, and I am still waiting on a smoothie that Mr. Gavin promised me last year.

It is this connection with teachers and the faith that has made Bellarmine my home. In my college application essay, I wrote about the Orton Chapel, and how my life has been forever transformed by my time in prayer at Bellarmine. In a recent essay for my AP Composition class, I wrote about my teachers and how their work is so important, but the friendships and the life lessons they offer are invaluable, and unforgettable. Had I chose to attend a different high school I don't doubt that I would've enjoyed it. But I didn't. I go to Bellarmine Preparatory School, which a blessing that is beyond words. I feel incredibly blessed to call this place my home. To be able to call my teachers "friends", my classmates "family", and to call God "My Father".

Finally, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for giving me and nearly one thousand other students this wonderful home. It is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Once a Lion, always a Lion. Thank you.