Senior Parent Yearbook Info

Below is information on how to submit senior portraits for the Yearbook as well as how to submit the optional "Ads for Grads" for the Yearbook.

How to submit senior portraits

To ensure complete coverage in the Yearbook, every student will have his or her picture taken on registration day. In order to appear in the senior composite picture that is displayed in the library hall, seniors must have their pictures taken on registration day or on retake day.

 Those are the only pictures that will be used for the composite. Seniors may submit a separate portrait for the Yearbook. Please tell your photographer that senior portraits should meet the following specifications: color,  2" X 3" (1 1/4" headsize), head and shoulders only. Be sure your son or daughter's name is written on the back. Senior portraits must be received by October 15, 2018. (Note: Senior portraits will not be returned.)    

They may also be sent electronically as a jpeg attachment to Yearbook Advisor Jennifer O’Loughlin. See below for mailing instructions for prints.

How to submit "Ads for Grads"                                  

To recognize your senior with an ad in the Yearbook, submit a favorite photo (often a baby picture), greeting, and check (made out to Bellarmine) and we'll do the rest. Please be very clear with your instructions for cropping photos, if you only want to use certain parts of the picture, and please print your message. Check the Yearbook from last year for ideas or examples. Rates are as follows:

Full-page: Black & White = $280, Color = $595
Half-page: Black & White = $165, Color = $330
Quarter-page: Black & White = $100, Color = $180
Eighth-page: Black & White = $60, Color = $105

Grad ad submissions are due by November 13, 2018.

Grad ad submissions will be returned at the Senior Breakfast during graduation week. Please write your name, address, and phone number on the back of the picture to ensure prompt return or it may also be sent electronically (jpeg and greeting) to Ms. Jennifer O’Loughlin or Ms. Mindi Morin.
You must also submit the proof form here -- be sure to click the "submit form" button on the top right of the form to submit it.

Apple/Macintosh Users Please Note: If you are using a Macintosh or Apple computer, the online proof form will likely not work for you. Please manually complete the pdf proof form here and mail it to Ms. O'Loughlin at the address below or scan and email it to her as an attachment.

Senior Pictures and Ads for Grads may be sent electronically (jpegs) or prints may be left in Mrs. Jennifer O'Loughlin's mailbox, or mailed to:

Bellarmine Preparatory School
Jennifer O'Loughlin, Yearbook Advisor
2300 S. Washington
Tacoma, WA 98405