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September 2019 Art Show: Sue McGrew B'04

Sue McGrew B'04, has been a professional sand sculptor since 2008. An artist since birth, Sue spent much of her time in the Art Rooms during her four years at Bellarmine. Sue is a graduate of Southern California, and now spends her time traveling the world, creating unique works of art, while continuing to grow as an artist.

Artist Statement: Sue McGrew B'04

Sand sculpting is an incredible medium that transcends age and culture. Most humans have played in the sand box or on a beach as children, and while we have this mental image of sand being light and fluffy, delicate and crumbling, it is in fact, the resource that humanity is built on. From concrete to glass, we are surrounded by a world built by sand.

Harnessing the strength and beauty of this natural resource through sand sculpting gives me the opportunity to create larger than life art that can be carved in a fraction of the time that many other mediums would take years to complete. Sand is strong yet delicate. Sand has a mind of its own and a different personality from location to location. Listen closely, and you will hear what it wants to become. Let it speak and break free from it’s compacted block to be reborn into a fleeting work of art that washes back to the sea - poetic in its impermanence as the energy to bring it to life it will be released back to the universe.

Art feeds the soul. Sand sculpting feeds my desire to create and is deeply satisfying, from the hard labor needed to compact sand, to the physical carving of the block, to the beautiful sculpture at the end. I love the challenges of how to creatively solve a task given by a client or come up with a unique idea for a themed sculpture. And I love sharing my art with people, from around the world, who come to watch a competition or enjoy a festival and experience the magic of sand sculpting. 

Today, I’m incredibly blessed with the opportunity here at Bellarmine to share these sculptures and my passion to give you a glimpse into my universe, a world made of sand.