September Technology 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Apple iBooks with the codes given by MBS Direct?
  1. Go into the iBooks App and sign out of the Bellarmine AppleID.
  2. The Bellarmine email address will not allow purchases.
  3. When you select [Sign in], you will have the options to log in with an existing Apple ID or to create an account.
  4. Once you are logged in with a personal Apple ID, under the tab [Features], scroll down to the bottom of the page and select [Redeem].
  5. You will be able to enter the redemption code{s) provided by MBS Direct.

How do I retrieve book codes from MBS Direct? I have already placed the order but they are not showing up?

  1. Be sure to check both parent and student email accounts 24 hours after placing your order. You should have received an invitation to pickup redemption codes.
  2. If you did not receive an email confirmation, login to MBS Direct and look for your order confirmations and redemption codes.
  3. Once you view a code, the sale is final - no refunds.
  4. Your son or daughter can use the redemption codes on his or her iPad to download books.
  5. Be sure the iBooks app is logged in with a personal AppleID first. See above.
I can't get back into my MBS Direct account.
  1. Go to the MBS Direct website.
  2. Select [Forgot your password].
  3. MBS Direct will send an email to reset your password.
  4. Once you have created a password, login as an existing customer with your email address and password just created.
  5. If this fails, please contact the MBS Direct customer-service line. (844) 603-9960
How do I read my foreign language book off-line?
  1. To redeem books from EMC, you will need to go to the EMC website, create an account and enter your redemption code.
  2. Last year, there was an EMC app that would allow for reading language books off-line. This has been discontinued.
  3. Students must be connected to the Internet to use their language books.
How do I read my religion book off-line?
  1. You will need to create an account with Bookshelf.
  2. Download the Bookshelf app.
  3. Download your Religion book to enjoy off-line reading.

The beginning of school is an exciting time. By being prepared, that excitement can launch a student into a great start to the new school year. Schools have a long standing tradition of helping families prepare for a new year. Schools publish a "supply list". As a one-to-one school, with a lot of learning resources on the iPad, the "supply list" takes on a more digital character.

Consider the following items great ways to be prepared for the beginning of the year.
  1. A fully charged iPad in a protective case.
  2. The ZuluDesk app is installed and configured. This gives you access to school Wi-Fi and aps.
  3. Your Bellarmine email is setup on your iPad.
  4. Downloaded School Apps.
  5. An iPad calendar that synchronizes with the MOOODLE calendar.
  6. Setup iStudiez Pro for the 2018-19 school year. (See tab above)
  7. A nightly iCloud backup (See Settings>"Your Account">iCloud>iCloud Backup).
  8. A Notability backup to Google Drive (See Notability>Settings>Backup).
  9. Downloaded digital books.
  10. Completed Summer studies.

You may have already checked and completed the Digital Supply List in the previous tab. Step 7 refers to the iStudiez Pro setup. The iStudiez Pro app is the supported digital planner at Bellarmine. It allows students to record and organize their assignments in one place. In order to track progress, assignments can be marked as completed. This app can be integrated with the Bellarmine calendar, and it can be set to notify students with reminders as due date approach.

At the begining of the month, every student was sent an email from Aaron Rogers with an iStudiez Pro setup file attached. Simply open this file in iStudiez to painlessly setup your planner for this school year. The 2 minute video below demonstrates the details.

If you want to further your knowledge about iStudiez Pro, there is an online guide available. Click here for the guide.

Multitasking is here to stay, and it is important to learn how to manage multiple tasks when one's attention is divided. With the introduction of technology into the classroom and into the homework routines of families, one has to question the effects of multitasking on learning. Just as there is a place for a stimulating environment full of multitasking in our lives, there is a place for a simplified environment that allows us to focus our mind on one thing.

What does a modern study environment look like when our sons and daughters have iPads to use for homework? Explore some findings regarding multitasking and learning in  Expert Article: Kids and Multitasking at Common Sense Media. In this article, Dr. Patricia Greenfield and Yalda T. Uhls, from UCLA and Children’s Digital Media Center, help us make sense of some of the research being done on how multitasking affects productivity and development.