Student Service Clubs for 2019-20

Bellarmine offers a variety of student clubs with opportunities for students to get involved in activities and/or pursue interests.


Bellarmine Preparatory School Club Charters 2019-20

Amateur Hiking Club
Amateur Sports Club
Barbershop Club
Board Game Club
Bowling Club
Chess Club
Cycling Club
Computer Science/IT Club
Diversity Club
Earth Club
Feminists at Bellarmine
Film Club
French Club
International Club
Investment Club
L'Arche Club
Latino Students United
Lion Pride
Miscellaneous Instruments Choir
Nativity House
Operation Keep Em Warm & Fed
Photography Club
Ski Club
Strictly Spikeball
Young Conservatives Club
Young Liberals Club
Mr. Ellis   
Mr. DeGroot
Mrs. Torgerson
Fr. Baez
Mr. Barnes
Mr. Chow
Mrs. Hanigan
Mr. Keller Scholz
Ms. Transue
Ms. Henderson
Ms. Pitt & Mr. Nilsen
Dr. Andresen
Ms. Minjares
Ms. White
Mrs. Torgerson
Mr. Rousseau
Mrs. Matthew
Fr. Baez    
Mrs. Lindstrom
Mr. Whitson
Ms. Bernards
Mr. Barnes  
Mr. Meeker
Ms. Lindstrom
Mr. Chase
Mr. Peterson
Mr. Wiley/Mr. Modarelli
Mr. Payne

2018-2019 Club List (pdf)

Club Applications (pdf)