Student Fundraising

What is the Lions Share Raffle?

Each year we ask our students to help us raise much needed funds for the school through a student-wide fundraiser. The Lions Share Raffle will kick-off at the Fall Sports Assembly and students will receive their ticket packets during Ignatian Formation class.  Each student will learn about the fundraiser and have their role explained to them. We are asking each student to sell 15 tickets at $10 each. They will have 6 weeks to sell their tickets. In order for all sold tickets to be included in the drawing, all ticket stubs and payment need to be turned in to the Development Office in Orton Hall. Again it is the expectation that every student participates in the Lions Share Raffle.

When is the Raffle?
The Lions Share Raffle runs for six weeks in the fall. The winners of the raffle will be drawn at the Winter Sports Assembly.  If you would like to opt-out of selling please return the “Opt-out Form” along with payment in the enclosed envelope anytime during the 6 weeks. Students will have 6 weeks to sell and return all ticket stubs and payment to Orton Hall. 

Where does the money go?
Proceeds from every ticket sold at $10 each, will be split, with 90% going towards Bellarmine’s tuition assistance fund and 10% going to support Bellarmine’s school wide service project, Adopt-a-Family. Last year we raised over $120,000 for financial aid and $9,400 for Adopt-a-Family supplies and assistance. 

What are my selling options?

A.    Sell all 15 tickets and return ticket stubs along with payment to Orton Hall and receive:  a chance in the weekly drawings and a Bellarmine participation gift.
B.    Pay $150 to opt out of selling the tickets via mail or by dropping off in Orton Hall to receive an appreciation gift.
(For all extra ticket packets sold (increments of five) student will receive additional chances in the weekly drawings)

What are the raffle prizes?
There are 50 great prizes to be won, with the grand prize being $1,000 cash.  The winners of the raffle will be announced at the Winter Assembly on November 29th.   Winners do not need to be present to win.

Raffle prizes include:
Grand Prize: $1,000 Cash                              
5 Prizes of: $500 Cash                 
10 Prizes of: $250 Amazon Gift Card
15 Prizes of: $150 Amazon Gift Card
20 Prizes of: $50 Restaurant Gift Card

Incentives for Students:
•    Gift card prizes for top 3 sellers:
($300 Visa Gift Card, $200 Amazon Gift Card, $100 Amazon Gift Card)
•    Additional $100 Fred Meyer Gift Card for the top selling Community Period
•    Weekly drawing: 2 winners each week for Bellarmine swag and/or gift cards
•    Any students who fulfill selling option A or B will receive a Bellarmine raffle appreciation gift.

What are the rules?
•    Tickets are individually numbered and assigned to a student for selling
•    Raffle ticket stubs must be filled out with buyer name, address, and phone number.
•    The smaller portion of each ticket should be returned with cash or check made payable to: Bellarmine Preparatory School. The buyer keeps the larger part of the ticket. 
•    Ticket stubs and money can be turned in any school day to the Raffle Collection Box in Orton Hall. To ensure your student receives credit please place both ticket stub and money in a sealed envelope with student name, ID #, and Ignatian Formation teacher name clearly marked on the envelope.
•    All tickets and money MUST be turned in by 3 p.m. on Friday, November 10th to ensure they make it into the raffle drum for the drawing on November 29th at the Winter Assembly.
•    Students/minors cannot purchase raffle tickets.
•    Per state law, raffle tickets and money CANNOT be mailed. They must be turned in to the Development Office in Orton Hall. 

What happens if my student doesn’t sell their tickets?
•    If your student does not sell any tickets or pay to opt-out your family will be invoiced for the $150.00 by the Student Accounts Department.
•    If your student checks out additional tickets (increments of five) the family is financially responsible for those tickets whether they are sold or not.
For more information please click here or contact Katey Ward B'96, Annual Giving Manager, at 253-761-3522, or at