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Student Schedules

Schedule Change and Schedule Repair Requests

Students are permitted to request a schedule change if the schedule is in need of repair.  Schedule repairs are limited to the following criteria:
Duplicate Class (ex. 2 Chemistry classes)
Class not requested (including alternates)
Incorrect level placement (College Prep, AP, or Honors may require teacher approval)

Students may request a schedule change through their counselor, but these requests will not be honored if the requested class(es) are at capacity.  Oftentimes, seemingly simple requests create schedule conflicts in other areas of the student schedule.

By policy, Bellarmine does not honor requests for specific teachers when multiple teachers teach the same class.  However, a student who is not academically successful (i.e., earns a failing grade) may petition the Vice Principal of Curriculum & Instruction for a schedule change at semester. The change will be honored only if space is available or if it helps balance the affected classes.

Drop and Add Procedures

Students will be permitted to drop classes when they have been forced to drop because of extended illnesses or when they have been misplaced due to inaccurate testing and recommendations. These requests must be initiated by parent or teacher and may reflect a "W" (withdraw) no credit on the transcript.

Students who elect a course and find that the course is not meeting their needs may request a schedule change from their counselor before the end of the second week of the semester. However, these requests will only be honored if there is space available.  Courses may be added through the second week of a semester. 

All schedule change drops after the third week of a semester will be failure drops. This will apply to changes created by failure to keep up with the course, lack of motivation, and other failures on the part of the students which make it impossible for the student to continue with the course. In these cases of approved drop failures, the approval is to permit students to quit attending the class, but the student does receive an "F" for the course, and the "F" will be part of the student's permanent transcript. 

Failure Policy

Any student who earns a failing grade in a course may repeat the course in summer school or in the following school year with prior course approval by the Vice Principal of Curriculum and Instruction (VPCI). Upon completion of the course, the grade received will be recorded with the registering school also noted on the transcript. The original grade (F) will remain as recorded. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Vice Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. Courses which are specifically required for graduation must be repeated for credit retrieval.

Cross Enrollment and College Credit

Bellarmine students are allowed to participate in elective classes at the post-secondary level. Any courses taken outside of Bellarmine require prior approval from the VPCI. Credit and grades will not be recorded on the Bellarmine transcript.  

Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute 

Bellarmine is a member of the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute (online courses). Students seeking credit should have course pre-approved by the VPCI. These approved courses will appear on the Bellarmine schedule. Credit and grades will be recorded on the transcript. Letter grades are transferred from AVLI percentages utilizing the Bellarmine grading scale.