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Student Senate

The Bellarmine Student Senate is focused on school governance-related issues and its goal to enhance student voice in the decisions that are made, and which ultimately have consequences for students at Bellarmine Prep. The Bellarmine Student Senate may consider such issues as, but not limited to, the revision of the student constitution, the review of policies such as dress code, communication expectations, the creation of an honor code, etc. This body offers a greater student voice in the decision making process that the school uses to review and create policies. The Student Senate works directly, or indirectly, with groups such as the Bellarmine Administration, the Bellarmine Faculty Senate, and the Bellarmine Board of Directors. The senate is comprised of an Executive Council of five students who are elected by students across all grade levels, in addition to two senators for each grade level who are elected by members of their own grade level.

Student Senate Moderator
: Cari Harrison