Update 1 (Sept. 30)

Introduction to Construction Updates

Bellarmine is excited for the new Connelly Campus Center that will open in the fall of 2016. Before we can celebrate the new facility, however, we must first accommodate the construction that will begin in October. During construction, Bellarmine‚Äôs priority is to ensure the safety of all on our campus, minimize disruptions, and keep you updated. To keep you informed, we have launched this Campus Center Construction webpage.  It will continue to provide families and visitors with up-to-date information, maps and venue changes. 

Questions or Concerns:  Bellarmine appreciates your patience and understanding during construction. We will work closely with our contractor to ensure you are provided with the most current information. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact Bill Baerg, Dean of Students, at 253-752-7701. 

Safety of All

The safety of our students, parents, faculty, staff and visitors is our number one priority, even more so during construction.

We will be revising some of our emergency routes during construction and will post this information on our Campus Center Construction webpage, as well as practicing these procedures with students. See earthquake evacuation routes.

Where to Buy Lunch

Students who wish to buy their lunch at school will purchase it in the St. Ignatius Loyola Center likely starting the week of October 12.

There will be two locations that students can purchase lunch. Clear signage will mark these locations.  See the lunch locations map.

Transportation & Parking

In light of the construction, we are limited in parking capacity this year.  Our contractor will need to utilize approximately 65 spaces to ensure a safe working area.  

We planned for this contingency by not selling spots in the B-lot last spring.  Instead, we have strongly encouraged carpooling, parent drop-offs, and riding our morning shuttle service.

Where is My Event or Meeting?

Because the Student Center will be unavailable during construction, we will need to relocate some events.

Please check the calendar on our website to ensure the accuracy of your event location.