Monday-Wednesday, June 19-21 
9:00-11:30 a.m. - Grades 4-7
12:30 – 3:00 p.m. - Grades 8 - 10
Lions Summer Soccer Camp is open to all 4th through 8th grade students. The camp will be coached by Bellarmine soccer coaches, as well as current and past players. The cost is $130 per player.
At Bellarmine Prep, helping each student learn their “why” is an integral part of our educational experience.  We believe that for each student, or player, to reach their potential, they must learn why they are doing what they are doing.  The Bellarmine Soccer camp strives to help each player learn a little more about who they are a player, and why they need to do what they are doing.  This information is vital to each player, because it is through this understanding that each player has the chance to become their best self – on and off the pitch.

Our commitment to our families is to create a structure, and atmosphere that helps our players begin, or continue, this process of learning their why, and developing their whole game.  We will design an experience that challenges each player, no matter where there are in this process, to learn more about who they are as a player, and what they can become.

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to attend our camps. All that we ask is that they attend with an open mind. Our emphasis will be on the continued development of each player’s skill set, while also focusing on building relationships, which is a vital part of each player’s success in the game.

Our camp will provide specialized instruction in dribbling, passing, controlling the ball, crossing, finishing, as well as defensive positioning and technique. Players will improve their skills and understanding of the game through the use of technical & functional drills, as well as though game play.  In addition, we will provide opportunities for our players to form relationships, which are fundamental to successful team play. The final day of our camp will also include a “World Cup” style tournament where players can showcase their development.

Our camp is designed & led by current and/ or former Bellarmine players and is overseen by Coach Dempsey and the Bellarmine coaching staff.  This provides our players an opportunity to model leadership-in-action for the younger players.
Contact Information:
Jim Dempsey, Head Coach