Message from Principal 10.3.22

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week we celebrated our first all school Liturgy.   Fr. Sean Carroll, Provincial for Jesuit West commissioned our Board of Directors and our Liturgical Student Ministers.   It was a beautiful opportunity for us to gather together and hear from Fr. Carroll who also approved our Sponsorship, a formal recognition of Bellarmine as a Catholic School in the Jesuit tradition.  
Please take a few minutes to read the updates and review the important dates below.

Important Dates
  • October 3-8:  Homecoming week
  • October 5:  Picture Retake (last opportunity  for ID badge and Yearbook photo) 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. -  Aquinas/St. Leo’s Conference Room
  • October 6:  Hall of Fame Celebration
    October 7:  Faculty Meeting (faculty will not be available to students until 8:30 a.m.)
    October 11:  Experience Bellarmine Day, first of the year
    October 12:  Standardized Testing Day
Future Dates (note these are changes to our original calendar for 2022-23)
  • December 15:  Adopt-A-Family delivery (schedule to follow at a later time)
  • December 19:  All School Liturgy
  • December 21:  Early release
COVID Update
Homecoming Week
  • Please find activities for the week here
Grading Period
  • Our first grading period ends on Thursday, October 6th and grades are due on Monday, October 10th.
Standardized Testing Day
  • Wednesday, October 12th is our Testing Day for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  
    Freshman will have the day off.
  • Daily Schedule - The tests begin promptly at 8am, so we encourage students to arrive no later than 7:45 a.m.  The tests typically end around noon, so plan accordingly.
  • Dress Code - Students can wear sweats on October 12.
Student Policies
  • Cell Phones/Earbuds:
    • Cell Phones - There is a “time and place” for cell phone use, and individual choices, from all members of our community have an impact on fostering a strong community built on interpersonal communication and relationships. To foster the educational experience for all students, Bellarmine Prep has an approach that expects students to use good judgment when using a cell phone. Cell phones will not be visible in any classroom during the school day. Only under the specific directive from a teacher or adult will students be allowed to access their technology in classes, meetings, or other activities. Using a cell phone in class must be specifically for educational purposes that have been explicitly explained by a teacher. Students should not be making phone calls on their cell phones. Should an emergency arise for the use of a student’s phone to make a personal call, approval must be given from the Dean of Students/Attendance Officer/Teacher/Administrator. Additionally, a students’ cell phone should be on silent during the school day, with notifications turned off.
    • Earbuds and Headphones - Students will NOT wear earbuds/headphones during school hours - Exceptions may be granted by teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, or immediate supervisor. Faculty and staff reserve the right to confiscate any electronic equipment they see as disruptive to the educational process.
    Dress Code
    • Hats, hoods, and apparel that otherwise conceals a student’s face or ears are not permitted inside buildings, with the exception of religious or cultural head coverings.
    • Undergarments must be covered completely.
    • Clothing must be free of obscene messages or messages of violence, substance use, or hate speech.
    • Clothing must cover the abdomen and upper thighs.
    • All clothing must be free of visible holes. NO HOLES in jeans, pants.
    • Casual wear - yoga pants, leggings, joggers, are allowed.
    • No athletic shorts or baggy sweats are allowed.
    • Pajamas pants (patterned fleece/flannel) are only allowed on spirit days
    • Consequences for Dress Code Infractions:
      • First Infraction: Lunch Detention
      • Second Infraction: JUG
      • Third Infraction: Saturday JUG (4 hours)
      • After the third dress code infraction - conference with parent & student. 
    Campus Ministry
    • Advent Gathering for Parents
      • An Advent reflection, Listening With the Heart: Kinship, Family, and Belonging will be held via Zoom. This is a new effort specifically offered to connect parents and guardians of Jesuit school students across the Jesuit network. Join us for an hour of prayer, individual reflection, and small group sharing.
        Wednesday, November 30th 
        10:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m.
        Please Register HERE.
    Parent/Guardian Feedback
    • It is important for us to hear from you.  Please take a moment and respond to the survey.  Your feedback provides essential information and guides future decisions.  Thank you for your time.
    It is always great to be a Lion but next week we are given the chance to celebrate our Lion Pride in special ways.  Let’s embrace these moments to build new memories with our current students.  The week of “Homecoming” is also a time to welcome back our alumni who cherish the traditions they hold close.  Please consider joining us for the Homecoming events this week.

    Take Care and God Bless,

    Cindy Davis