Marine Chemistry Senior Symposium Presentations

Marine Chemistry is a four-year extracurricular scientific research program for highly capable and motivated students. The Senior Symposium is the culmination of the students 4-year journey in the Marine Chemistry program
Students present their research paper in front of their peers, family and friends during the symposium.  The presentations will be held in the Connelly Campus Center starting at 6:30 p.m. and guests are welcome to attend. 

Both nights will also be livestreamed on Bellarmine's YouTube channel. 

Night 1: Wednesday, February 1 @ 6:30 p.m.
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Vasanth Ramachandran
  • Examining the Trainability of VO2max in Fit Men and Women
Anastasia Matteson
  • Determination of Internally Textured Artificial Den Preference by Octopus rubescens
Madlyn Kradjan
  • Genotyping of Novel Phytochrome Mutants in Tomato Plants
Mira Kunz
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Adolescent Anxiety and Depression After Return to In-Person Learning 
Sophia Nicholson
  • Testing the Effects of Blue Light and Stimulus on Sleep Quantity and Quality in Adolescents 
Katie Su 
  • Testing the Rate of Growth of Different Phytophthora Species in Alder Plants
Dominic Alessi
  • A Comparative Study on the Efficiencies of Three vs. Five Airfoils on Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines 
Corinne Harrison
  • Evaluating the Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in an Artificial Turf Field 
Evan Janakievski
  • Image Classification For Crab Zoea and Megalopa Larval Stages Using Machine Learning

Night 2: Tuesday, February 7 @ 6:30 p.m.
Watch Presentations

Chloe Mau
  • Larval Abundance, Heat Tolerance & Morphometrics as a Metric for Adult Stock in Dungeness Crab Populations 
Hannah Bidus
  • The Effect of Bee Hive Type on Varroa Mite Populations
Levi Coovert
  • Analyzing the Effects of Music on Weight Training Performance
Priety Grover
  • Testing the Effectiveness of Aquaponics vs Soil on the Growth of Cabbage and Broccoli
Bella Beha
  • Examining the Effect of Experimental Steaming on Cernuella virgata’s Geographic Distribution at the Port of Tacoma 
Maya Loveland-Hyland
  • Testing Conditions for Inducing Suspended Animation in Round Worms
Ben Fowlkes
  • Harmonic Analysis of Tuning Fork Induced Tibial Vibrations 
Mary Anna Joyce
  • A Study of Combustion Products found in Air Samples in Tacoma  
Tyler Milliren
  • Investigating Subtidal Sea Star Population Trends at Titlow Beach Marine Preserve

Willem Weertman, University of Washington
Dr. Marianne Elliott, WSU, Puyallup
Christina Nguyen, & Dr. Andreas Madlung, University of Puget Sound
Dr. Mandy Newman, Columbia University
Glenn Bean, Pulse Heart Institute
Dr. Marianne Elliott, WSU, Puyallup 
Dr. Mike Morrison, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Lindsey Overstreet & Dr. Bonnie Becker, University of Washington, Tacoma
Amy Savage, Bellarmine Prep School

Ron Nilsen 
Dave DeGroot 
Bridget Nuno
Mary Jean Fisher