Academic Awards Assembly Recipients

Congratulations to all of our students who received recognition at our annual awards assembly. You can view the complete list here.
Department Awards

Art Department
Lily Gray B’26
Gisele Barososki B’26
Zander Gabriel Tusher B’25
Emily Lineberry B’25
Jackie Sabotka B’24
Tee-Ah Loe B’24
Eric Kiguru B’23 
Lillian Burgess B’23

Math Department 
Algebra E – Naomi Bland B'26 and Bella Pingrey B'26
Geometry – Jil Perez B'26 and Enzo Beltran B'26
Advanced Algebra/Trig – Se Yong Park B'26 and Tessa Zima B'25
PreCalc – Christopher Bidus B'24 and Rylan Jordan B'23
AP Calc AB – Daniel Abraham B'24 and Dominic Alessi B'23
AP Calc BC – Ana Matteson B'23
AP Statistics – Roman Thomas B'23
Computer Science - Lauren Lai B'25

English Department 
English 1: Calvin Riggio B’26 and Annamaria Cady B’26
English 2: Natalie Neal B'25 and Jacob Ramiro B'25
English 2H: Lexie Crist B'25 and Natalie Jones B'25
American Literature: Erin Larson B'24 and Griffin Larson B'24
American Literature H: Maya Krattli B’24 and Charlene Kim-Aun B'24
AP Language: Alison Berg B’23 and Mark Manaois B’23
AP Literature: Genevieve Hogoboom B’23    

Counseling Department 
Andrew Yang B’23

World Language
Spanish: Emily Wiebe B’23         
French: Charlotte Christie B’24    
Mandarin:  Jayden Tran B'23
Global Seal of Bilitercay: Rylan Jordan B'23, Sara Duque B'24, Camila Aguayo B'23

Music Department
Outstanding Senior Instrumentalist Award: Emily Wiebe B'23 and Ben Fowlkes B'23
Outstanding Vocalist Award: Ava Herman B'23 and Levi Coovert B'23
Outstanding Senior String Instrumentalist Award: Ava Pakzad Sedigh B'23
Outstanding Jazz Musician Award: Levi Coovert B'23

Science Department 
ILS - Lindsay Samika Hamisu B'26
Biology - Kaleb Ballman B'26
Biology H - Eloise Cady B'26
Physics - Charles Pape B'25
AP Physics 1 - Jayden Tran B'23
AP Physics C - Dominic Alessi B'23
Chemistry - Catherine McDougall B'24
Chemistry H - Emma Hong B'25
AP Chemistry - Mateo Garcia B'24

Health and Physical Education Department
9th Grade:   Ainsley Joyce
10th Grade:  Connor Mau
Physical Education Award: Aidan McGee B'23

Social Studies Department 
Sophomores: J Silverthorn and Elise Nicholson
Juniors: Cole Tamurian and Abby Bock

The St. Robert Bellarmine History Book Award 
Rylan Jordan B'23
Corinne Harrison b'23
Mark Manaois  B'23
Kayleigh Burk B'23

Theology Department
Josephine Stevenson B'23
Liam McDaniel B'23
Christian Jones B'23

National, Regional, and State Scholar Awards

National Hispanic Recognition Award Winners
Jayce Gallegos
Taylor Johnson
Sophia McLain
Jonas Salazar
Jordan Salazar
Lucia Zima

National African American Recognition Award Winners
Nicholas Evans
Ben Fowlkes
Clarisse Fowlkes
Betty Roberts
Rebecca Zerom

National Indigenous Recognition Award Winners
Owen Heisel
Jack Jolibois

National Merit Commended Scholars
AJ Almeda
Priety Grover
Corinne Harrison 
Mark Manaois

National Merit Finalist
Tyler Milliren

The Washington Principals’ Scholars Program
Camila Aguayo
Allison Berg
Luke Connelly
Ava English
Brendan Hampton
Evan Janakievski
Madlyn Kradjan
Anastasia Matteson
Sophia McLain
Tyler Milliren
Sophia Nicholson
Roma Sharkey

The following students achieved academic excellence by earning a cumulative unweighted GPA of 4.0 through the seventh semester: 
Camila Aguayo
Allison Berg
Luke Connelly
Ava English
Brendan Hampton
Evan Janakievski
Madlyn Kradjan
Anastasia Matteson
Sophia McLain
Tyler Milliren
Sophia Nicholson
Roma Sharkey

National Military Academy Appointments and ROTC Scholarships

Christian Alina - attending Seattle University on an Army ROTC scholarship.
Dagim Heiser - attending the University of Arizona for Navy ROTC.
Owen Heisel - attending the University of Notre Dame on an Air Force ROTC scholarship.
Hannah Bidus - awarded an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.
Roman Thomas - awarded an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy

Scholarships and Awards

Junior Book Awards

Harvard Book Prize: Maya Krattli B’24

The Saint Michael’s College Book Award: Maya Deaton B’24 and Jack Jolibois B’24

The LeMoyne (Leh-Moin) College “Reaching for the Heights” Book Award: McKenna Mitchell B’24

The College of William and Mary Leadership Award: Betty Roberts B’24

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Julia Shimshock B’24 

17th Anniversary Weber Prize for Excellence in Writing
Daniel Abraham B’24
Amaris Alstead B’24
Will Yearian B’24
Sage Vasko B’24
Rachel Harbeson B’24
Estella Gomez B’24
Ava Erickson B’24
Ainsley Brogan B’24
Christopher Bidus B’24
Josie Hoare B’24
Britney Ha B’24

The Tacoma Rotary 8 Scholarship
Mark Manaois
Julian Mowrey
Roma Sharkey

The Tacoma Elks Lodge #174 Scholarship
Aidan Gosselin
Taylor Johnson
Chloe Mau
Tyler Milliren
Jonas Salazar
Jordan Salazar
Mackenzie Seeberger
Gabriel Zapf

Ben B. Cheney Scholarship
Lucia Zima

The ACT Six Scholarship Program 
Amy Mbugua has received a full tuition, four-year Act Six Scholarship to Pacific Lutheran University

Bernice A.B. Keyes Scholarship
Madlyn Kradjan
Anastasia Matteson
Malik Momoh

Philomathea Graduating Senior Scholarship
Avery Clark
Camila Aguayo
The Philomathea Rising Senior Scholarship
Komal Gill
Estella Gomez
Philomathea Rising Junior Scholarship
Teagan Fuller
Simon Zapf

Grad at Grad Scholarship for Juniors
Jonah O’Callahan B’24
Allison Whalen B’24

Brooks Rolfness Impact Scholarships
Arsema Robi B’26
Elijah Munoz B’26

The Jennifer Welsh O’Loughlin Award
Dylan Wiggins B'24

2023 Dressel Scholarships
Stella Wiggins B'25
Miciah Tinkler B'25

Co-Curricular Awards

Diversity Office Award
Michelle Kamau B'23

Drama Award
Mikayla Boyd B’23
Olivia Wiebe B’23
Yearbook Award
Allison Berg B'23
Abby Cooper B'23
Ava Colello B'23

Lion Journalism Staff Award
Lilly Burgess B’23
Josie Jaback B’23
Joey Langdon B’23
Xavier Nazzal B’23
Roma Sharkey B’23

The Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) Learning and Leadership Award
Easton Glasman

St. Ignatius Loyola Award
Luke Connelly B'23
Bella Beha B'23

Marine Chemistry
The following students completed the program culminating in an original scientific research project which included producing a paper and presenting their findings to the community at large through symposiums, science fairs, and conferences. 
Dominic Alessi
Isabella Beha
Hannah Bidus
Levi Coovert
Ben Fowlkes
Priety Grover
Corinne Harrison
Evan Janakievski
Mary Anna Joyce
Madlyn Kradjan
Mira Kunz
Maya Loveland-Hyland
Ana Matteson
Chloe Mau
Tyler Milliren
Sophia Nicholson
Vasanth Ramachandran
Katie Su

Additionally, the following Marine Chemistry seniors earned recognition and/or awards for their research project in science fairs
Washington junior science and humanities symposium - Madlyn Kradjan, Washington State presenter
Washington State Science and Engineering Fair:
Madlyn Kradjan - 1st place
Evan Janakievski - 2nd place
Discovery Regional Science Fair 
First place in category and/or a specialty award
Madlyn Kradjan
Ana Matteson
Tyler Milliren
Sophia Nicholson
Mary Anna Joyce
Katie Su
Corinne Harrison
Evan Janakievski
Vasanth Ramachandran
Dominic Allessi
Chloe Mau 
Maya Loveland-Hyland

Mira Kunz was recently published in the international journal of high school research for her work on “The Impact of COVID-19 on Adolescent Anxiety and Depression” 
The Capstone Program 
Highly motivated students are given the opportunity to identify a topic during their sophomore year, complete research during their junior year, and then incorporate their knowledge and skills to create a project that makes a new, scholarly contribution to a discipline during their senior year. Congratulations to this year’s seniors:
Anna Lineberry
Xavier Nazzal
Lucia Zima

Model UN Leadership Award
Mary Anna Joyce B'23
Maya Loveland-Hyland B'23
Vasanth Ramachandran B'23

Class Awards
Freshmen 110% Award
Alexis Rac
Enzo Beltran
Freshmen Class Award
Marie Wiegman
Andrew Dobler

Sophomore 110% Award
David Anel
Alice Malbranche
Sophomore Class Award
Cassie Brinlee
Dawson Hedrick

Junior 110% Award
Maya Krattli
Brynne Manke
Junior Class Award
Daniel Abraham
Dylan Bianchi

If you would like to watch a recording of the assembly, you can do so here: https://youtube.com/live/e0a8tSsXpR8?feature=share