The primary source for Bellarmine textbooks and novels is MBS Direct. This is the same online retail company that we have used for the last three years.  If you have ordered from MBS in the past you will continue to use the same account.  New families will need to create an account using the link below.  Nearly all books – print or digital; used or new; purchased or rented – are available on this website.
Student Schedule and Book List and Ordering Information
022-2023 STUDENT SCHEDULES:  Schedules will be released by July 29th via Blackbaud’s Parent Portal; electives, teacher assignments, class locations, and class periods are subject to change. For book ordering purposes, students should be aware of all their 2022-2023 core academic classes (ex. English, Math, Science, etc.) from the registration process.
Requests for schedule repairs must be submitted through an online form: Schedule Repair Request Form 22-23.  Acceptable reasons for a schedule repair include incomplete schedule, duplicate class (ex. two Chemistry classes), or incorrect level placement.  Per school policy, requests for specific teachers are not honored. 

The books listed on the booklist below are those that are required for each class for the next school year. Teachers expect students to have their books purchased and available on the first day of the school year. The book list is also available online here through MBS Direct.

The online bookstore through MBS Direct is open. At that time, you can order all books for the school year. Free shipping on orders over $99 will be offered from July 10 through July 23 - we hope that you will take advantage of this benefit. All books needed for each class are on the booklist - this will not change when schools starts in the fall. It is expected that all students will have their books on the first day of school - order early! 
Non-Credit Card Orders

For those who prefer not to use their credit card, either online or over the phone, Bellarmine will set up accounts and you will be billed for the books you order through your Bellarmine tuition account. There is some set-up necessary from Bellarmine if you choose to have your books billed to your tuition account. Please contact Mary Graves at to begin this process.

Book List Updates

Due to changes by publishers, occasionally there are updates/changes to the book list sent to students in the spring. Please check back on this webpage for changes and updates as the summer progresses.

Options for Selling Used Books Back

MBS Direct offers online buyback of books. If you click here and then log into your account it is an easy process to enter ISBNs from a book and determine if the book can be bought back and for how much. MBS will even pay the shipping to send them in.
Half-Price Books: This can be a good place to sell your used novels. They have several stores in our state -- the closest to campus being the one near the Tacoma Mall.

If you have questions, please email faculty member Anita Emery, coordinator of textbook information.