2021-22 Update on Transcripts:
Spring semester report cards and unofficial transcripts are available through Blackbaud. Counselors will send Class of 2022 official transcripts to the university indicated through Naviance. Graduating seniors should contact their counselor with any questions about their transcripts. Rising seniors in the class of 2023 should contact their counselor with any questions about college applications and transcripts.

Credit from coursework earned prior to entering Bellarmine Preparatory School is added to the Bellarmine transcript. Courses will be indicated with Pass grades and credit earned, and will not become part of the cumulative g.p.a. Credit and placement are evaluated prior to acceptance to verify Bellarmine graduation requirements from the time of enrollment. Final transcripts from the previous school will be requested by Bellarmine directly from schools within the United States. International students must provide final transcripts to Bellarmine from previous schools outside the United States.

Transfer and International students need to provide official transcripts from their previous schools for college applications.

Transcript Requests from Bellarmine Preparatory School located in Tacoma, WA:

Official student transcripts are provided by Bellarmine at no charge. Standardized test scores, if required, are accessed directly from the testing agency. During the school year, transcripts are usually mailed within 2-3 business days, and during the summer office closure, transcripts are mailed approximately every two weeks.

Current seniors who would like to request a transcript should contact their counselor. Others who would like to request a transcript should contact Registrar Melinda Michaelson via phone (253-756-3888) or by email. Please provide the following information:
  • Current name
  • Name at the time of your graduation or attendance
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Graduation date or approximate dates of attendance
  • Address where the transcript is to be mailed