Bellarmine's Model United Nations

Bellarmine’s Model United Nations program (BellarMUN) was reconstituted four years ago and is now one of the fastest-growing clubs at our school. Model UN is a program in which students roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees to address global problems and issues. BellarMUN participates in 4-6 conferences per year; some students choose to participate in all of the conferences, whereas others attend fewer as their schedules allow.

BellarMUN helps students develop valuable knowledge and skills such as:

  •          Research skills
  •          Writing skills
  •          Speaking skills
  •          Interpersonal communication
  •          Developing consensus
  •          Awareness of global issues
  •          How governments and Non-Governmental Organizations assist citizens in solving problems
  •          Developing a sense of our global community and responsibility to each other
  •          Understanding issues of social justice

Our 2017-2018 Conference Calendar (subject to change)

  •          PACMUN(Pacific Model UN) Nov 18-19, The Westin, Seattle 
  •          VMUN(Vancouver Model UN) Jan 19-21, Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, BC
  •          FIMUN(Florida International Model UN) Feb 23-25, Miami, FL
  •          KINGMUN-TBD 
  •          VIKMUN (Vikings Model UN): Late April, Western Washington University campus
  •          CAIMUN(Canada International Model UN) April 27-29, Vancouver BC


Advisor Biography

·         Advisor Ken Brown joined the Bellarmine community in 2012 as a Social Studies and English teacher. He currently teaches AP World History, AP and CP US Government and Politics, and Honors Humanities. Mr. Brown reconstituted the BellarMUN club in 2013 (there have been many iterations of Model UN clubs throughout Bellarmine’s lengthy history), building membership from the dozen students who attended the first conference to over 50 members today. Mr. Brown enjoys the challenge of Model UN and giving students a platform for academic competition and cooperation. “In the absence of a debate team,” Mr. Brown notes, “Bellarmine Model UN gives students the opportunity to develop many of the same skills. I think anyone who enjoys or wants to work on public speaking, debating, and building their understanding of global issues would love Model UN. Plus, the people are great and we get to go on some pretty cool trips to college campuses all over the state and country!” Mr. Brown enjoys cycling, reading, and spending time with his wife, Marietta, who is a Kindergarten teacher, and son, who is a student at Saint Patrick’s Catholic School.

Interested Students

·         Any student interested in joining us or getting more information should contact Mr. Brown at or stop by room A-12 any time!

BellarMUN Leadership Team 2017-2018

Kelsey Braford, B'18 President
Mack Gibbens, B'18 Vice-President
Zach Forbes, B'19 USG of BELLARMUN
Lily Jacobson, B'19 Communications and Media
Jackson Kelley, B'19 Education and Outreach 

Model United Nations Pictures

Taken at PACMUN in November, 2014, this conference takes place each year at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. It involves an overnight stay at the hotel and a "midnight crisis" in which students are woken up with a phone call to their hotel room at midnight; they have to quickly dress in their Western business attire, and try to solve a crisis (usually involving an environment disaster, someone invading someone else, or a humanitarian crisis).

Each year the Model UN club attends VIKMUN on the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham.

Vivek Ramachandran B'15 winning an award at NUMUN. (center)

Bellarmine's Model UN team attended the Model UN National Conference in WA DC during the February of 2017.

Click here for pictures from their time at the conference.